Baby Boom Challenge 15

Household Status:
John Boomer – Daddy, Adult
Nancy Boomer – Mammy, Young Adult
Preston Boomer – Boy #3, Teen
Regina Boomer – Girl #8,  Teen
Otis Boomer – Boy #4, Child
Percy Boomer – Boy #5, Child
Naomi Boomer – Girl #9, Baby

11-29-17_9-27-14 PM

It occurred to me that I haven’t shown off the house in a while. Now, it’s nothing flash but I haven’t expanded on it in ages which must mean I’m happy with it. And trust me, these Boomers could afford a huge house. I could expand on this house until the cows come home. Their cash on hand is over $200,000 now thanks to Nancy’s investments and John’s ability to paint a steady stream of masterpieces.

11-29-17_9-27-31 PM11-29-17_9-27-23 PM

Ground level then first floor. The kids kind of grab whichever room (or bed) is free upstairs while John and Nancy are still downstairs next to the baby room and nursery.

I feel bad for using three of my ten shots on the household, but we’ve hit a weirdly timed lull with the older kids and they feel very stagnant at the moment.

11-30-17_9-32-43 PM

Naomi birthday to toddler.

11-30-17_9-59-51 PM

I of course change my mind AGAIN and throw caution to the wind. There isn’t enough birthdays happening (I can’t believe I actually MISS them) so we’re going to have to make a baby in the mean time.

Nancy drank some youth potion

11-30-17_10-17-48 PM

Harriet died!! I can’t believe baby #1 is out for the count!!

11-30-17_10-36-11 PM11-30-17_10-38-59 PM

Soon it was time for a new baby! Nancy went to the hospital as normal but then the doctor bailed on us – she literally put on her partywear and disappeared. So Nancy and I waited and waited and no doctor showed up to replace the party doc.

11-30-17_10-41-13 PM

So I had to send Nancy home and she had a home birth to – you guessed it – a baby girl! Elsa Boomer is the millionth daughter. I’m saddened but it was the only way to get that baby out of her.

The house is full again. But as you can tell by lack of documentation, nothing much else happened. I haven’t even got a project for Nancy to focus on because she just wants to throw parties (and I like the family to do it together)

12-01-17_9-51-21 PM.png

And we end with Preston Boomer celebrating his birthday to Young Adult! He’s an Active, Cheerful, Genius of a sim with the bonus traits of Happy Toddler, Physically Gifted, Independent, Creatively Gifted and Quick Learner. For his Renaissance Sim aspiration he hardly scratched the surface staying solidly on the first tier (he only got one logic point?!)

Baby Boom Challenge 14

Household Status:
John Boomer – Daddy, Adult
Nancy Boomer – Mammy, Young Adult, pregnant
Lainey Boomer – Girl #7, Teen
Preston Boomer – Boy #3, Teen
Regina Boomer – Girl #8,  Child
Otis Boomer – Boy #4, Child
Percy Boomer – Boy #5, Child

11-28-17_1-38-25 AM

I do something out of my comfort zone and actually have a little day trip with the family! Just a little break from the birthday train to visit the Spice Festival. It goes badly. Everyone tries the curry spice challenge and all of a sudden everyone is uncomfortable and dropping into the red and I DID NOT PREPARE FOR THIS.

It didn’t help that I did it on a school day and all of the Boomer kids generally HATE school. Or maybe I hate school on their behalf because they also have low moods on their return home. (What I wouldn’t give for some of that TS2 private school option)

11-28-17_1-45-57 AM11-28-17_1-48-13 AM

Lainey celebrates her birthday to YA! She was on the third tier of her Leader of the Pack aspiration – unable to complete some of the requests because the Homework Club Club only has Boomer children so there were never 5 children for her to talk to the club with. I could have added some random kids from the neighbourhood, sure, but I don’t care enough if the kids complete their aspirations. Traits-wise, Lainey was Materialistic, Perfectionist and Self-Assured with the bonus of being a Morning Sim, Happy Toddler, Speed Cleaner and Gregarious.

She has to move out on her own since the other Boomer household is full. I can’t bare the thought of a Boomer baby on their own so she and her next oldest sibling Orton move in together (and get uploaded to the gallery.)

11-29-17_8-36-27 PM

So, reminder that Nancy is pregnant again! And it’s during this pregnancy (at the start actually) that she quits her job as a Mixologist. John takes the opportunity to get a career as a Tech Guru simply because it pays the most and he is still trying to complete his Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.

11-29-17_8-49-43 PM11-29-17_8-52-46 PM

Then the last birthday for a while is Regina’s. These last four birthdays (including from the last update) all fell on consecutive days. The fridge is full of cake.

11-29-17_8-40-23 PM

Also, at one of these parties we get living proof that Harriet is an elder! Soon after Thelma also becomes and elder. Gosh, I am not ready for Boomer babies to die of OLD AGE.


11-29-17_8-57-24 PM11-29-17_8-59-02 PM

And then after another party, Nancy goes into labour – Naomi Boomer joins the family! The 9th girl and 14th Boomer child overall. If we get lucky we may only have to do this 10 more times, though I’m feeling unlucky since the ratio of girls to boys is 9:5

Preston doesn’t become a Young Adult for another 9 days from this point so I’m debating whether or not to try for another child and have a full house or wait for that birthday.

11-29-17_9-14-23 PM

Since we just had a string of birthdays and it’s a while until the next, the family just went about their business. School work and play! I caught this rainbow effect over Regina’s head which I have never noticed before? So that’s interesting. (what does it mean?!)

Also Otis glitched up and nearly killed himself. He had ‘Sleep’ in his queue which wasn’t disappearing and essentially rendered him unautonomous (because that’s a word) so that is a bad omen but will hopefully fix itself by my next play session.

Baby Boom Challenge 13

Household Status:
John Boomer – Daddy, Adult
Nancy Boomer – Mammy, Young Adult
Orton Boomer – Boy #2, Teen
Lainey Boomer – Girl #7, Teen
Preston Boomer – Boy #3, Child
Regina Boomer – Girl #8,  Child
Otis Boomer – Boy #4, Baby
Percy Boomer – Boy #5, Baby

11-26-17_9-14-20 AM

John Boomer had completed his Painter Extraordinaire aspiration! I believe that is his third? I’ve honestly lost count. Not there’s not really a competition going on between Nancy and John but I am trying to get the most aspirations completed for them (there will be a list at the end WITH STATS!). John moves on to Fabulously Wealthy – like Nancy he jumps right up to the fourth tier but unlike Nancy he hasn’t got a steady income of novels so will have to actively work for that last $80K to complete his aspiration. (Nancy is the bacon bringer, this is concrete evidence right here, not that the family is desperate for money anymore)

Also, Fabulously Wealthy, once completed, has a perk that gives the sims a money bonus based on the household funds (you get something like 5-10% based on cash on hand?) so is a big bonus. Sidenote: at some point around this time John drank some Youth Potion

11-26-17_9-25-46 AM11-26-17_9-27-02 AM

Then it was Orton’s turn to become a Young Adult! His traits are Snob, Kleptomaniac and Ambitious with the bonuses of Physically Gifted, Happy Toddler, Shameless, Observant and Business Savvy. He reached the fourth and final tier of his Mansion Baron aspiration but the house didn’t meet his $350K dream goals or have any columns so remained incomplete. Like most Boomers he spent a lot of his free time dancing and had gotten pretty good at it.

He fills the last slot in the house his older siblings occupy – I can’t believe there are 8 in there now: Harriet, Thelma, Tahani, Phillip, Simone, Bridget, Ophelia and now Orton. At some point during this part I noticed Harriet get grey hair.

Orton hasn’t been uploaded to the gallery yet, but will be later (probably with Lainey) as I like to upload them in pairs or groups to make it easy.

11-26-17_9-41-30 AM

The new twins became toddlers: Otis (short hair) and Percy (long hair) with almost matching outfits! I didn’t match them up at this stage because they were too cute and I was too lazy but maybe they’ll match once they grow up to children.

11-26-17_10-24-49 AM

Nancy reaches Head Mixologist of the Culinary career – this is only level 6 but all she needed to further her Mixology aspiration – which she then completed. Another aspiration under Nancy’s belt! She moved on to the Party Animal aspiration.

Since Nancy has all she needed from this career I’m going to let her take some vacation days and then she’ll quit her job. I want John to go for another job. In the end I think Nancy took two vacation days because she really didn’t earn a lot from it ($315 a shift? Nancy literally earns three times this much from her novels STILL)

11-28-17_12-45-40 AM

Regina completed her Artistic Prodigy aspiration as a child – quite early into the lifespan actually – maxing her creativity in the process.

She’s also sick but I’m not very caring towards my sims and she just waits it out, like every other sim ever sick on this lot.

11-28-17_1-09-59 AM11-28-17_1-10-32 AM

Then began an intense birthday train of days where literally all of the kids were expecting a birthday. Preston to a teen was first on the cards. He completed his Rambunctious Scamp aspiration (maxing his motor skill) and moved on to Artistic Prodigy which he also completed (also maxing the creativity skill!) It helped that he completed his first aspiration quickly then basically did his artistic one alongside Regina.

11-28-17_1-28-02 AM

Then Otis (right) and Percy (left) became children. As toddlers Otis only maxed the Potty skill (but did reach 4 in communication and 3 in the other skills) and Percy maxed Communication and Potty (with Imagination on 4 and Movement on 3)

Not my best effort but I don’t think it’s my worst either?

11-28-17_1-34-07 AM

It’s here I realise that Nancy isn’t even pregnant with the next Boomer baby meaning this is the longest age gap between Boomer kids! I work on rectifying this immediately.

It works out that the baby is due well after the now oldest Boomer’s (Lainey) birthday to YA. I’m trying to keep the house at 7 maximum because on TS4 when you have 8 sims the icons in the bottom left go all weirdly small and I don’t like that. Also it means that if the game wants to give a multi-birth then there’s that opportunity as well. Though I must say, we’re plodding along quite nicely despite only having two sets of twins.

This will be Nancy and John’s 14th baby!

Baby Boom Challenge 12

Household Status:
John Boomer – Daddy, Adult
Nancy Boomer – Mammy, Young Adult
Orton Boomer – Boy #2, Teen
Lainey Boomer – Girl #7, Child
Preston Boomer – Boy #3, Toddler
Regina Boomer – Girl #8,  Toddler

11-25-17_9-15-33 AM

Now that John is working on his painting aspiration (having maxed the skill) the task of the family portrait wall is now shared between the couple. I love this aesthetic but you can see there is space for exactly 24 portraits in this layout – I made sure when planning – and it’ll be interesting to see how frustrated I get when we get close to the end, potentially going over that number. Though that is a long way off.

11-25-17_9-56-26 AM11-25-17_9-58-38 AM

The house is surprisingly calm for a household with two toddlers and Nancy working. The birthday parade begins with Preston to his childhood birthday. He maxed his Communication and Movement skills and got close to maxing his Potty and Imagination. Like really close. I almost want to give him the title of most skilled even though I don’t think he is.

Once Regina gets closer to her birthday (maybe even on her birthday) when we try for the next child, I think things will get shaken up with the work x pregnancy combo. I’m waiting because a) I am dreading that combo and b) Orton is close to his YA birthday and I’m hopeful for the multibirth / enjoy having a half empty house.

11-25-17_3-23-14 PM

The days go by and both Nancy and John have Try for Baby wishes so I cave and let them try again. Literally forget the last thing I said! That’s the problem when you write while you play I guess.

Currently, there’s only six sims in the house, with Orton moving out a couple of days after this new baby is born.

11-25-17_4-06-43 PM11-25-17_4-07-18 PM

Lainey had her birthday to a teenager. She didn’t complete her aspiration or max any skills but she did try her darnedest and that’s all we can really ask from her.

11-25-17_4-30-41 PM11-25-17_4-31-09 PM

Soon our youngest, Regina (who I keep wanting to call Tahani for some reason? became a child and for the first time ever I forgot to write down what skills she maxed. If memory serves it was average – probably one or two at best.

11-25-17_4-37-51 PM11-25-17_4-40-49 PM

Eventually, Nancy went into labour and my game is FINALLY ON MY SIDE! Twin boys! Otis and Percy Boomer join the family and pull the score up for the boys! The Boomers sit on the score of 8 Girls and 5 Boys. Already I can feel my skin clear and my anxieties melt away.

Though part of me feels like this is a lot of boys and fast and what if my game has decided to go the other way now. Cry-laughing emoji face.

Baby Boom Challenge 11

Household Status:
John Boomer – Daddy, Adult
Nancy Boomer – Mammy, Young Adult, pregnant
Bridget Boomer – Girl #5, Teen
Ophelia Boomer – Girl #6, Teen
Orton Boomer – Boy #2, Child
Lainey Boomer – Girl #7 – Child
Preston Boomer – Boy #3 – Baby

11-24-17_10-50-53 PM

We missed the baby to toddler announcement once again so the youngest Boomer, Preston, aged up without anyone realising. Luckily, he appears to be cuteness in sim form and independent so he barely needs my attention.

11-24-17_10-58-19 PM11-24-17_11-00-39 PM

It’s a good thing everyone likes cakes and birthdays because that – once again! – dominates content. This time it’s Orton’s birthday to teen. I’m having trouble remembering what his aspiration was as a child but he had completed one in the last part and was on his second (though didn’t get far with that)

11-24-17_11-10-48 PM

A lovely reminder shot that Nancy is currently pregnant. There is a smaller gap than normal but in fairness I had geared myself up to handle twins. Besides, the ACTUAL twins (Bridget and Ophelia) will be moving out of the household in a few sim days.

In the mean time, everyone dotes on cute little Preston and I freak out a little trying to micro manage everyone in the household. Not a lot of aspirations are getting completed as I continue my focus on the Postcard collection through Nancy and John. John has been stuck on this one aspiration task since Simone was a child (and she has now left the household as a YA)

11-24-17_11-20-18 PM

Then – baby time! This hospital birth brought baby number 11 (??? Holy smokes guys, we’re almost halfway?!? I mean, in theory…) and daughter number 8 – Regina Boomer! The house is brought to full capacity and John, Nancy and I are all thinking about a nice baby break.

Looking at the hospital births it appears to be an even split in giving us boys and girls, yet it doesn’t feel the need to balance out that big lead girls have on boys. Girls are currently winning 8 to 3. The positive is that I don’t think Nancy and John will be having those million kids, but in reality, they may still have well over 24.

11-25-17_8-35-43 AM

John quit his comedian career with 8 vacation days still to take. With a full house and no plans for new babies on the horizon it was the perfect opportunity for Nancy to get a head start in her culinary career.

11-25-17_8-40-52 AM

Besides he FINALLY completed a collection meaning he completed his Curator aspiration. Since he was level 8 in the painting skill he moved on to Painter Extraordinaire so will still be bringing in money.

11-25-17_8-47-00 AM11-25-17_8-48-26 AM

A birthday party to celebrate the twins growing up to YA. We invited all of the other Boomer babies that had moved out and I was so happy to see them all. Look at me, getting all sentimental. It was also so Nancy could make drinks at the party, which I forgot to do but at least we earned a silver medal for the party.

Bridget Boomer has the Good, Foodie and Goofball traits with the bonus of Always Welcome, Happy Toddler, Morning Sim, Creatively Gifted, Speed Cleaner and Essence of Flavor. Her aspiration is Master Chef though she only every completed one task so remained firmly on the first tier. She liked to spend time in the  home gym when she got the chance.

Ophelia Boomer has the Insane, Genius and Lazy traits with the bonus of Mentally Gifted, Happy Toddler, Morning Sim, Night Owl and Dastardly.  She wanted to be the Chief of Mischief but did nothing to count towards it. She did have a soft spot for the babies in the household and helped rear most, if not all, of her younger siblings.

They moved in with their older siblings (making, I think, seven sims in total in that household)

11-25-17_9-14-13 AM

Then Regina celebrated her birthday, joining the toddler ranks!

Baby Boom Challenge 10

Household Status:
John Boomer – Daddy, Young Adult
Nancy Boomer – Mammy, Young Adult
Simone Boomer – Girl #4, Teen
Bridget Boomer – Girl #5, Teen
Ophelia Boomer – Girl #6, Teen
Orton Boomer, – Boy #2, Child
Lainey Boomer – Girl #7 – Toddler

11-23-17_8-36-38 AM

I never get even the inkling of an opportunity for a family photograph but for once we can start the chapter with everyone in the household in one place!! Normally each Boomer is wrapped up in their own thing yet somehow still become good friends with one another. I’m not the social type and it is passed on to my sims – I don’t think any of the older children have crossed the threshold since leaving.

11-23-17_8-34-00 AM

But in this kind of challenge its more about the baby count so that is what we focus on. And yes, John and Nancy were expecting again.

11-23-17_8-45-09 AM11-23-17_8-48-31 AM

Simone had her birthday to Young Adult! Her traits are Geek, Childish and Art Lover with the bonus of Creative Visionary, Business Savvy and Physically Gifted. She reached the second tier of her Fabulously Wealthy aspiration thanks to the books she wrote. There weren’t many, school really bummed Simone out and a lot of days she just danced and slept.

She moved out of the family home and in with her older siblings. She will be up on the gallery later when Bridget and Ophelia move out. I’m trying my best to group the Boomer kids together for downloads sake.

11-23-17_10-22-17 AM

John accidentally aged up to an adult! I had the youth potion ready but I’ve been distracted trying to manage everyone! Nancy drank that potion instead so I wouldn’t forget – I try and make it worth it, waiting for them to be a day or two away so even though Nancy wasn’t I couldn’t risk it happening to her as well. We can be a bit careless with John (he can still have kids as an elder after all) but we need a fertile Nancy.

Nancy’s royalties have dropped to below $1000 now as well, however John brings in a nice bunch of money and the pair are constantly painting. And that’s without mentioning the cash on hand being close to or over the $100K mark.

11-23-17_10-31-12 AM11-23-17_10-35-35 AM

Lainey maxed Potty, Communication and Imagination and was SO SO SO close to maxing her Movement too. She has to be the most trained Boomer toddler now or up there with the elite children.

Not that it’s a competition. I’m planning on revisiting at the end to see how well all my sims did in terms of skills maxed and aspirations met.

11-23-17_10-43-28 AM11-23-17_10-44-30 AM

We go for a proper hospital birth again and welcome Preston Boomer to the family! I’m overjoyed it’s a boy, it’s like the curse pattern has been broken! We still have a long way to go. I also kind of hoped that we’d have twins too, like I was mentally preparing and thought my computer and I were on the same wavelength.

For fellow Sims 4 players who are also burdened by single babies this method may be time consuming (and will test your patience) but waiting for the baby to become a toddler before trying for another baby spaces the birthdays out so well. I always seem to have a teen close to leaving while I’m planning the next nooboo.

11-23-17_11-12-34 AM

With that said however, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. And because I’m now nervous at the idea that Nancy or John could DIE before I complete this challenge (they could age up again without me realising or suffer a fatal accident!!) I don’t wait around to fill that last space in the household. Though they begin to have trouble conceiving again. It was just as I was about to give up that they were hit with some good news.

Baby Boom Challenge 09

Household Status:
John Boomer – Daddy, Young Adult
Nancy Boomer – Mammy, Young Adult, giving birth
Simone Boomer – Girl #4, Teen
Bridget Boomer – Girl #5, Child
Ophelia Boomer – Girl #6, Child
Orton Boomer – Boy #2, Toddler

11-20-17_9-35-58 PM

Nancy waddled to the hospital and brought back a girl! I thought I wouldn’t freak out at this point that it’s a girl. I genuinely believed in my heart of hearts this time it would be a boy but nope! Meet Girl number 7(!!) Lainey Boomer. We’re fine. Everything is splendid. No one is panicking about the Boomer couple who want 100 kids for a simple 24 baby challenge.

11-21-17_8-37-19 PM11-21-17_8-38-04 PM

Then came the non-stop birthday updates because that is all that happens in the household. Orton has his birthday to child. He did well across all of his skills, maxing Potty and Communication and reaching 3/4 in the others. I honestly thought he’d complete more. I’m not saying he’s my favourite or anything. But I have high hopes.

11-21-17_9-07-51 PM

Lainey became a toddler, a little later than the others since I missed the notification that said it was her birthday. So she grew up automatically (instead of manually at the earliest possible moment) – if she hadn’t been so ANNOYING that last day as a baby I would have thought she was a cutie but I’m a little bit grumpy at her fussiness.

11-21-17_9-25-32 PM11-21-17_9-32-08 PM

The twins birthday! As children Bridget (right) maxed her Creativity skill as well as completing her Artistic Prodigy aspiration and Ophelia (left) maxed her Mental skill as well as completing her Whiz Kid aspiration. Both the twins were largely ignored until about three days before their birthdays. As a result they had quite high skills in other areas at 6/7 (Mental, Motor and Social for Bridget and Motor and Social for Ophelia) so apparently these kids do better when I sometimes don’t intervene.

Matching outfits for the teen years too! Bridget has kept her glasses, Ophelia is in darker colours.

P.S. It was here I realised how drab the main part of the house is so gave it a quick redecorate. I still haven’t given this family a leisure/living room yet and they have over $100K sitting in the cash on hand.

11-23-17_7-36-08 AM

Nancy maxed her 4th aspiration?! There is absolutely no stopping her and the Bodybuilder aspiration has only made her stronger. I move her on to the Master Mixologist skill which requires her to join a career. I think after John reaches the top of his career and uses all of his vacation days he can be the stay at home parent.

11-23-17_8-18-15 AM

Orton completed his Rambunctious Scamp aspiration halfway through his child lifespan which is the best effort from a kid I’ve seen in a while.

I’ve been investing a lot of time in Orton (and Lainey) to try and get their skills high. The twin teenagers have been largely ignored (again)

11-23-17_8-25-23 AM

John reached level 10 of the Comedian career with 12 days of vacation to use (and with only three days a week of work. So he might not use ALL that vacation – 4 weeks?! Sorry John) so begins focusing on completing a collection for his aspiration. It’s the only thing he has to do to complete it. He and Nancy begin the postcard collection as I’m having not a  lot of luck with anything else.

11-23-17_8-30-13 AM

I’ll admit, I got a little wrapped up in aspirations and skilling and collecting. I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to try for the next baby, and it happens to be now. The oldest, Simone, is a day away from becoming a Young Adult. When she leaves there will be two spaces left in the household. Can’t have twins if there’s no space for them, right? I’m praying my game will be generous and work with me here.

Baby Boom Challenge 08

Household Status:
John Boomer – Daddy, Young Adult
Nancy Boomer – Mammy, Young Adult, pregnant
Tahani Boomer – Girl #3, Teen
Phillip Boomer – Boy #1, Teen
Simone Boomer – Girl #4, Child
Bridget Boomer – Girl #5, Toddler
Ophelia Boomer – Girl #6, Toddler

11-20-17_1-49-46 PM

Nancy maxed her painting skill while pregnant with the next nooboo and completed her Painter Extraordinaire aspiration. That’s her third complete aspiration. She switched to Fabulously Wealthy and immediately jumped up to the fourth tier, only having to earn another $20,000 to complete it (which goes to show she is the real money maker in the household)

Behind, you’ll see the project I’m working on. Every child, once YA, will get a medium portrait painted and hung on the wall. I’ve only really planned for 24 spaces but we can no doubt make more room considering all of the girls we’re getting.

11-20-17_1-58-10 PM

Between that shot and the next, we celebrated one joint birthday – the twins! Bridget only maxed the Communication skill (taking the title of Least Skilled Toddler / Biggest Failure / Most Neglected) whereas Ophelia maxed Communication and Potty. Again, I’m getting worse as it goes on for skilling toddlers. After this next baby I may have to take a little break from future babies so I can make it more manageable.

The twins are in matching outfits again, on the left is Bridget who has kept her glasses. Ophelia, right.

11-20-17_2-11-53 PM

Then it was baby time! Baby boy Orton Boomer was born! I’m suspicious of my game, it’s given me three girls then a boy, three girls then a boy. If this keeps up we’ll need to have 48 babies to get the 12 boys we need. I don’t know if I’m excited by that kind of a challenge (might as well push it to 100, right?) or fearful.

Like with my Munch Legacy I have a theory that the family lot is glitched to give one gender and the hospital is neutral, so from here on I will test this theory by forcing myself to have hospital births. Let’s see if the odds change.

11-20-17_8-00-24 PM

LOOK. AT. ORTON. The Sim Gods have blessed us! Not only was Orton a boy – but look at his green eyes! No other Boomer child has had those yet. Plus he has black hair which I never thought I’d be so happy to see. Starting this I honestly thought the black hair would be dominant, but here we are in a Weasley household and Orton is our wonder boy Potter!

11-20-17_8-03-14 PM

Also, Nancy is slaying. She has completed her Fabulously Wealthy aspiration. Since the family has a lot of money to spare (Thanks Nancy) she’s going to take a chill aspiration now. Bodybuilder. I think I want to challenge myself and have Nancy complete ALL the aspirations. Unlikely, but could you imagine?

11-20-17_8-07-43 PM11-20-17_8-08-55 PM

Tahani became a Young Adult! I absolutely love her face. Personality-wise, you’re looking at a Neat, Outgoing, Jealous sim with bonus traits of Happy Toddler, Always Welcome, Speed Reader and Alluring. She reached the second tier of her Serial Romantic aspiration, unable to progress further without cheating on her girlfriend Angel. She moved in with her older sisters Harriet and Thelma. It was here I remembered to add the three girls to the gallery too!

11-20-17_8-39-48 PM

The birthday train continues. Simone joins the ranks of Teenager and as a child maxed her Motor skill as well completed her Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. I may have dropped the ball with her when she was a toddler but this makes up for it a little. Hey, she even maxed her Creativity as a child.

11-20-17_9-15-16 PM

And another few uneventful days went by and soon it was time for Phillip to become a Young Adult! Talk about your birthday bonanzas. Phillip is an Active, Self Assured and Ambitious Sim. He was also Entrepreneurial, a Happy Toddler, a Morning Sim, Gym Rat and had High Metabolism. He was on his fourth and final tier of his Bodybuilder aspiration (him and mummy Nancy had a mother-son workout every day) needing only to max his fitness skill and reach his maximum body potential.

He’ll leave the house, (be uploaded to the gallery) and join his sisters in their big old house. He’s an actual stunner so I may use him in future challenges.

11-20-17_9-34-44 PM

And I may have kept a little secret from you for dramatic effect. Those uneventful days? Not so uneventful. Nancy here is on her way to the hospital to give birth! I accidentally sent her alone instead of joining her there, but you’ll have to wait until the next update to see the outcome :)

Baby Boom Challenge 07

 Household Status:
John Boomer – Daddy, Young Adult
Nancy Boomer – Mammy, Young Adult
Thelma Boomer – Girl #2, Teen
Tahani Boomer – Girl #3, Teen
Phillip Boomer – Boy #1, Child
Simone Boomer – Girl #4, Toddler
Bridget Boomer – Girl #5, Baby
Ophelia Boomer, Girl #6, Baby

11-19-17_9-45-04 PM

A full house with a toddler and twin babies. Hey, it’s not all bad – we have two teens to help (even if Thelma’s birthday is drawing close, but at the same time Phillip’s is as well so swings and roundabouts) and Nancy has started to orbit more towards childcare than money making these days.

With a full house, the narrative is going to be birthday heavy until there is space for more children.

11-19-17_9-56-16 PM

Simone is the first to celebrate a birthday. She maxed her Communication and Imagination skills as a toddler – only just. She’s the least successful toddler of all the Boomer’s so far. My standard is slipping.

11-19-17_10-02-22 PM

John has maxed his comedy skill and aspiration (Joke Star) and is currently a Roast Master (Level 8 Comedian) my plan is to keep him as a comedian until he maxes that career, then he’ll use all of his vacation days before starting a new job. In the meantime his new aspiration of The Curator (collecting aspiration) will keep him busy when he’s not doing all the other things I order him to do.

That’s both John and Nancy with one aspiration complete under their belts.

11-19-17_10-15-06 PM

Make that another one for Nancy! She completed her Musical Genius aspiration, also maxing her guitar skill in the process (and mentoring Thelma in the skill, pictured above). She’s now going to try for the final of the three creativity aspirations: Painter Extraordinaire.

11-19-17_10-20-40 PM

The terrifying twosome celebrated birthdays to toddlers. I wouldn’t normally go to the effort, but I have them in matching everyday outfits (for this photograph only, really) Bridget is the one in glasses on the right, the older of the two, and Ophelia on the left.

11-20-17_12-28-33 PM

Tahani started dating a girl from school: Angel. They’ve been on a couple of dates and became girlfriends. Now if Tahani is to continue her romantic aspiration she will have to cheat on or dump Angel (and I like these two together!!)

11-20-17_12-32-03 PM

John glitched onto the bed. I don’t know whether it was from shock of the twins sneaking up on him or if he exists on a different plane of existence. Fun story, I couldn’t even moveobjects him. He only unglitched after I accidentally rotated the whole room and the kitchen (by accident – he ended up on a counter?) and made things go back to normal.

At some point during this update he also drank another Youth Potion.

11-20-17_12-50-25 PM

Another birthday: Phillip to teen. He did not do well in his child aspiration but I must say I think Nancy and John make some excellent babies. I should definitely be uploading these guys to the gallery for future use.

11-20-17_1-00-37 PM

The next day Thelma has her birthday to Young Adulthood! Thelma had only reached the second tier of her Renaissance Sim aspiration, spending her later teen years helping out with the little kids in the household. All of her traits: Bro, Family-Oriented, Gloomy, Morning Sim, Speed Cleaner, Happy Toddler, Mentally Gifted and Quick Learner. She moves out to join her sister in the Frey household (a random family with a big house that my Boomers will outlive then take over!)

Tahani is now the oldest teen and from Thelma’s birthday has 7 days to go until her Young Adult birthday.

11-20-17_1-23-12 PM

With one space open in the house and both John & Nancy wanting to try for another baby, we couldn’t wait any longer. Nancy is pregnant again!

Baby Boom Challenge 06

 Household Status:
John Boomer – Daddy, Young Adult
Nancy Boomer – Mammy, Young Adult
Harriet Boomer – Girl #1, Teen
Thelma Boomer – Girl #2, Child
Tahani Boomer – Girl #3, Child
Phillip Boomer – Boy #1, Child
Simone Boomer – Girl #4, Baby

11-19-17_2-10-39 PM11-19-17_2-13-12 PM

So my last part was super rush. Since I’ve got an upcoming deadline and work to do I’m only getting small play sessions here and there. As a result of that and my short and sweet style of updates, I’ll just be doing a rolling update system where I may or may not welcome you or even say good bye.

With that in mind, we’re going straight in with a birthday – Thelma becomes a teen!

11-19-17_2-25-31 PM

Also celebrating a birthday is youngest Simone. Another child with Nancy’s skin and hair colour. As a toddler she has been my fussiest yet, but I don’t know if that’s her personality or if it’s because I’m trying to juggle so many sims in one household now.

11-19-17_2-52-45 PM

John maxed the cooking skill and Nancy drank her first lot of Young Again potion. I’ll admit to you now that I have the terrible habit of making my sims eat high skilled/high quality food for every meal of the day and as a result they tend to get fat. I love my fat sims but at some point you may see them shrink down (using the Insta-Lean, of course)

11-19-17_3-15-36 PM11-19-17_3-17-02 PM

Harriet became a Young Adult! Her biggest achievement was reaching level 9 on the violin and licensing one song as well as being a stellar student. She reached the third tier of her Musical Genius aspiration and her traits (including bonus traits) are: Music Lover, Bookworm, Genius, Night Owl, Creatively Gifted, Morning Sim, Observant, Speed Cleaner, Happy Toddler, Always Welcome and Muser.

All of the kids will get a portrait done before they leave. Harriet moves out leaving two spaces in the household. Guys, I’ve timed it perfectly.

11-19-17_9-14-51 PM

Because Nancy is pregnant again with child number 6.

11-19-17_9-26-56 PM11-19-17_9-30-27 PM

Tahani soon celebrates her birthday, becoming a teen. She didn’t complete her child aspiration (it was largely ignored) but I’ve given her a romance aspiration to give some variety to game play (presuming I attempt it)

11-19-17_9-40-32 PM

Soon after, Nancy gave birth to twins! Great news in one sense because we’re closer to our goal of 24 kids. On the other hand it was twin girls. Bridget and Ophelia Boomer bring the house to capacity.