Baby Boom Challenge 06

 Household Status:
John Boomer – Daddy, Young Adult
Nancy Boomer – Mammy, Young Adult
Harriet Boomer – Girl #1, Teen
Thelma Boomer – Girl #2, Child
Tahani Boomer – Girl #3, Child
Phillip Boomer – Boy #1, Child
Simone Boomer – Girl #4, Baby

11-19-17_2-10-39 PM11-19-17_2-13-12 PM

So my last part was super rush. Since I’ve got an upcoming deadline and work to do I’m only getting small play sessions here and there. As a result of that and my short and sweet style of updates, I’ll just be doing a rolling update system where I may or may not welcome you or even say good bye.

With that in mind, we’re going straight in with a birthday – Thelma becomes a teen!

11-19-17_2-25-31 PM

Also celebrating a birthday is youngest Simone. Another child with Nancy’s skin and hair colour. As a toddler she has been my fussiest yet, but I don’t know if that’s her personality or if it’s because I’m trying to juggle so many sims in one household now.

11-19-17_2-52-45 PM

John maxed the cooking skill and Nancy drank her first lot of Young Again potion. I’ll admit to you now that I have the terrible habit of making my sims eat high skilled/high quality food for every meal of the day and as a result they tend to get fat. I love my fat sims but at some point you may see them shrink down (using the Insta-Lean, of course)

11-19-17_3-15-36 PM11-19-17_3-17-02 PM

Harriet became a Young Adult! Her biggest achievement was reaching level 9 on the violin and licensing one song as well as being a stellar student. She reached the third tier of her Musical Genius aspiration and her traits (including bonus traits) are: Music Lover, Bookworm, Genius, Night Owl, Creatively Gifted, Morning Sim, Observant, Speed Cleaner, Happy Toddler, Always Welcome and Muser.

All of the kids will get a portrait done before they leave. Harriet moves out leaving two spaces in the household. Guys, I’ve timed it perfectly.

11-19-17_9-14-51 PM

Because Nancy is pregnant again with child number 6.

11-19-17_9-26-56 PM11-19-17_9-30-27 PM

Tahani soon celebrates her birthday, becoming a teen. She didn’t complete her child aspiration (it was largely ignored) but I’ve given her a romance aspiration to give some variety to game play (presuming I attempt it)

11-19-17_9-40-32 PM

Soon after, Nancy gave birth to twins! Great news in one sense because we’re closer to our goal of 24 kids. On the other hand it was twin girls. Bridget and Ophelia Boomer bring the house to capacity.


2 thoughts on “Baby Boom Challenge 06

  1. More girls! Oh no! Your file just loves those little girls!
    Well maybe it’ll start to love your little boys, too…? Just all at once?
    I hope for you! Your kids are doing great and growing up so quickly!

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