Baby Boom Challenge 14

Household Status:
John Boomer – Daddy, Adult
Nancy Boomer – Mammy, Young Adult, pregnant
Lainey Boomer – Girl #7, Teen
Preston Boomer – Boy #3, Teen
Regina Boomer – Girl #8,  Child
Otis Boomer – Boy #4, Child
Percy Boomer – Boy #5, Child

11-28-17_1-38-25 AM

I do something out of my comfort zone and actually have a little day trip with the family! Just a little break from the birthday train to visit the Spice Festival. It goes badly. Everyone tries the curry spice challenge and all of a sudden everyone is uncomfortable and dropping into the red and I DID NOT PREPARE FOR THIS.

It didn’t help that I did it on a school day and all of the Boomer kids generally HATE school. Or maybe I hate school on their behalf because they also have low moods on their return home. (What I wouldn’t give for some of that TS2 private school option)

11-28-17_1-45-57 AM11-28-17_1-48-13 AM

Lainey celebrates her birthday to YA! She was on the third tier of her Leader of the Pack aspiration – unable to complete some of the requests because the Homework Club Club only has Boomer children so there were never 5 children for her to talk to the club with. I could have added some random kids from the neighbourhood, sure, but I don’t care enough if the kids complete their aspirations. Traits-wise, Lainey was Materialistic, Perfectionist and Self-Assured with the bonus of being a Morning Sim, Happy Toddler, Speed Cleaner and Gregarious.

She has to move out on her own since the other Boomer household is full. I can’t bare the thought of a Boomer baby on their own so she and her next oldest sibling Orton move in together (and get uploaded to the gallery.)

11-29-17_8-36-27 PM

So, reminder that Nancy is pregnant again! And it’s during this pregnancy (at the start actually) that she quits her job as a Mixologist. John takes the opportunity to get a career as a Tech Guru simply because it pays the most and he is still trying to complete his Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.

11-29-17_8-49-43 PM11-29-17_8-52-46 PM

Then the last birthday for a while is Regina’s. These last four birthdays (including from the last update) all fell on consecutive days. The fridge is full of cake.

11-29-17_8-40-23 PM

Also, at one of these parties we get living proof that Harriet is an elder! Soon after Thelma also becomes and elder. Gosh, I am not ready for Boomer babies to die of OLD AGE.


11-29-17_8-57-24 PM11-29-17_8-59-02 PM

And then after another party, Nancy goes into labour – Naomi Boomer joins the family! The 9th girl and 14th Boomer child overall. If we get lucky we may only have to do this 10 more times, though I’m feeling unlucky since the ratio of girls to boys is 9:5

Preston doesn’t become a Young Adult for another 9 days from this point so I’m debating whether or not to try for another child and have a full house or wait for that birthday.

11-29-17_9-14-23 PM

Since we just had a string of birthdays and it’s a while until the next, the family just went about their business. School work and play! I caught this rainbow effect over Regina’s head which I have never noticed before? So that’s interesting. (what does it mean?!)

Also Otis glitched up and nearly killed himself. He had ‘Sleep’ in his queue which wasn’t disappearing and essentially rendered him unautonomous (because that’s a word) so that is a bad omen but will hopefully fix itself by my next play session.


4 thoughts on “Baby Boom Challenge 14

  1. Oh wow, elders already? Did they skip the adult stage after YA, or what?

    Yay for family outings! Even though this one went terribly, you should do them more often, makes for a change of scenery and a different play style for you.

    • No they’ll have aged naturally – it checks out normal. Thanks to my breezy updates I skip over a lot of days where nothing in particular happens to the household – that’s why Joh and Nancy have had so much youth potion and their oldest three children are elders or dead 😩

  2. Oh man! You’ve come so far! I’m all caught up now! Your kids are so adorable! I’m such a sucker for the red-heads! <3 My fingers are crossed that your glitch gets sorted!

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