Baby Boom Challenge 07

 Household Status:
John Boomer – Daddy, Young Adult
Nancy Boomer – Mammy, Young Adult
Thelma Boomer – Girl #2, Teen
Tahani Boomer – Girl #3, Teen
Phillip Boomer – Boy #1, Child
Simone Boomer – Girl #4, Toddler
Bridget Boomer – Girl #5, Baby
Ophelia Boomer, Girl #6, Baby

11-19-17_9-45-04 PM

A full house with a toddler and twin babies. Hey, it’s not all bad – we have two teens to help (even if Thelma’s birthday is drawing close, but at the same time Phillip’s is as well so swings and roundabouts) and Nancy has started to orbit more towards childcare than money making these days.

With a full house, the narrative is going to be birthday heavy until there is space for more children.

11-19-17_9-56-16 PM

Simone is the first to celebrate a birthday. She maxed her Communication and Imagination skills as a toddler – only just. She’s the least successful toddler of all the Boomer’s so far. My standard is slipping.

11-19-17_10-02-22 PM

John has maxed his comedy skill and aspiration (Joke Star) and is currently a Roast Master (Level 8 Comedian) my plan is to keep him as a comedian until he maxes that career, then he’ll use all of his vacation days before starting a new job. In the meantime his new aspiration of The Curator (collecting aspiration) will keep him busy when he’s not doing all the other things I order him to do.

That’s both John and Nancy with one aspiration complete under their belts.

11-19-17_10-15-06 PM

Make that another one for Nancy! She completed her Musical Genius aspiration, also maxing her guitar skill in the process (and mentoring Thelma in the skill, pictured above). She’s now going to try for the final of the three creativity aspirations: Painter Extraordinaire.

11-19-17_10-20-40 PM

The terrifying twosome celebrated birthdays to toddlers. I wouldn’t normally go to the effort, but I have them in matching everyday outfits (for this photograph only, really) Bridget is the one in glasses on the right, the older of the two, and Ophelia on the left.

11-20-17_12-28-33 PM

Tahani started dating a girl from school: Angel. They’ve been on a couple of dates and became girlfriends. Now if Tahani is to continue her romantic aspiration she will have to cheat on or dump Angel (and I like these two together!!)

11-20-17_12-32-03 PM

John glitched onto the bed. I don’t know whether it was from shock of the twins sneaking up on him or if he exists on a different plane of existence. Fun story, I couldn’t even moveobjects him. He only unglitched after I accidentally rotated the whole room and the kitchen (by accident – he ended up on a counter?) and made things go back to normal.

At some point during this update he also drank another Youth Potion.

11-20-17_12-50-25 PM

Another birthday: Phillip to teen. He did not do well in his child aspiration but I must say I think Nancy and John make some excellent babies. I should definitely be uploading these guys to the gallery for future use.

11-20-17_1-00-37 PM

The next day Thelma has her birthday to Young Adulthood! Thelma had only reached the second tier of her Renaissance Sim aspiration, spending her later teen years helping out with the little kids in the household. All of her traits: Bro, Family-Oriented, Gloomy, Morning Sim, Speed Cleaner, Happy Toddler, Mentally Gifted and Quick Learner. She moves out to join her sister in the Frey household (a random family with a big house that my Boomers will outlive then take over!)

Tahani is now the oldest teen and from Thelma’s birthday has 7 days to go until her Young Adult birthday.

11-20-17_1-23-12 PM

With one space open in the house and both John & Nancy wanting to try for another baby, we couldn’t wait any longer. Nancy is pregnant again!


One thought on “Baby Boom Challenge 07

  1. I forgot about the multiple aspiration thing in TS4; that would be so handy in a challenge like this, where you’re going to be playing the same sims for a while. The LTWs in TS3 are only once, so it’s almost like they’re done with life after that?

    The kids are aging up nicely, keep that train rolling on!

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