Baby Boom Challenge 08

Household Status:
John Boomer – Daddy, Young Adult
Nancy Boomer – Mammy, Young Adult, pregnant
Tahani Boomer – Girl #3, Teen
Phillip Boomer – Boy #1, Teen
Simone Boomer – Girl #4, Child
Bridget Boomer – Girl #5, Toddler
Ophelia Boomer – Girl #6, Toddler

11-20-17_1-49-46 PM

Nancy maxed her painting skill while pregnant with the next nooboo and completed her Painter Extraordinaire aspiration. That’s her third complete aspiration. She switched to Fabulously Wealthy and immediately jumped up to the fourth tier, only having to earn another $20,000 to complete it (which goes to show she is the real money maker in the household)

Behind, you’ll see the project I’m working on. Every child, once YA, will get a medium portrait painted and hung on the wall. I’ve only really planned for 24 spaces but we can no doubt make more room considering all of the girls we’re getting.

11-20-17_1-58-10 PM

Between that shot and the next, we celebrated one joint birthday – the twins! Bridget only maxed the Communication skill (taking the title of Least Skilled Toddler / Biggest Failure / Most Neglected) whereas Ophelia maxed Communication and Potty. Again, I’m getting worse as it goes on for skilling toddlers. After this next baby I may have to take a little break from future babies so I can make it more manageable.

The twins are in matching outfits again, on the left is Bridget who has kept her glasses. Ophelia, right.

11-20-17_2-11-53 PM

Then it was baby time! Baby boy Orton Boomer was born! I’m suspicious of my game, it’s given me three girls then a boy, three girls then a boy. If this keeps up we’ll need to have 48 babies to get the 12 boys we need. I don’t know if I’m excited by that kind of a challenge (might as well push it to 100, right?) or fearful.

Like with my Munch Legacy I have a theory that the family lot is glitched to give one gender and the hospital is neutral, so from here on I will test this theory by forcing myself to have hospital births. Let’s see if the odds change.

11-20-17_8-00-24 PM

LOOK. AT. ORTON. The Sim Gods have blessed us! Not only was Orton a boy – but look at his green eyes! No other Boomer child has had those yet. Plus he has black hair which I never thought I’d be so happy to see. Starting this I honestly thought the black hair would be dominant, but here we are in a Weasley household and Orton is our wonder boy Potter!

11-20-17_8-03-14 PM

Also, Nancy is slaying. She has completed her Fabulously Wealthy aspiration. Since the family has a lot of money to spare (Thanks Nancy) she’s going to take a chill aspiration now. Bodybuilder. I think I want to challenge myself and have Nancy complete ALL the aspirations. Unlikely, but could you imagine?

11-20-17_8-07-43 PM11-20-17_8-08-55 PM

Tahani became a Young Adult! I absolutely love her face. Personality-wise, you’re looking at a Neat, Outgoing, Jealous sim with bonus traits of Happy Toddler, Always Welcome, Speed Reader and Alluring. She reached the second tier of her Serial Romantic aspiration, unable to progress further without cheating on her girlfriend Angel. She moved in with her older sisters Harriet and Thelma. It was here I remembered to add the three girls to the gallery too!

11-20-17_8-39-48 PM

The birthday train continues. Simone joins the ranks of Teenager and as a child maxed her Motor skill as well completed her Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. I may have dropped the ball with her when she was a toddler but this makes up for it a little. Hey, she even maxed her Creativity as a child.

11-20-17_9-15-16 PM

And another few uneventful days went by and soon it was time for Phillip to become a Young Adult! Talk about your birthday bonanzas. Phillip is an Active, Self Assured and Ambitious Sim. He was also Entrepreneurial, a Happy Toddler, a Morning Sim, Gym Rat and had High Metabolism. He was on his fourth and final tier of his Bodybuilder aspiration (him and mummy Nancy had a mother-son workout every day) needing only to max his fitness skill and reach his maximum body potential.

He’ll leave the house, (be uploaded to the gallery) and join his sisters in their big old house. He’s an actual stunner so I may use him in future challenges.

11-20-17_9-34-44 PM

And I may have kept a little secret from you for dramatic effect. Those uneventful days? Not so uneventful. Nancy here is on her way to the hospital to give birth! I accidentally sent her alone instead of joining her there, but you’ll have to wait until the next update to see the outcome :)


3 thoughts on “Baby Boom Challenge 08

  1. A boy, a boy! LOL Your 3 girls per boy is worse than my 2 girls per boy so far. I’ll be interested to see if the hospital lot evens things out for you. (And I think that Phillip is probably my favorite looks-wise of your young adult kids so far.)

  2. YES! Another boy! I’m so excited! I really hope your luck continues with neutrality at the hospital! These babies are so unique and gorgeous! I love the red-heads, honestly, but it’s so nice to see genetic variety. I’m hoping to see my blue hair’ed babes in my Boom. Alas, genetics has not been in my favor there either.

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