Baby Boom Challenge 15

Household Status:
John Boomer – Daddy, Adult
Nancy Boomer – Mammy, Young Adult
Preston Boomer – Boy #3, Teen
Regina Boomer – Girl #8,  Teen
Otis Boomer – Boy #4, Child
Percy Boomer – Boy #5, Child
Naomi Boomer – Girl #9, Baby

11-29-17_9-27-14 PM

It occurred to me that I haven’t shown off the house in a while. Now, it’s nothing flash but I haven’t expanded on it in ages which must mean I’m happy with it. And trust me, these Boomers could afford a huge house. I could expand on this house until the cows come home. Their cash on hand is over $200,000 now thanks to Nancy’s investments and John’s ability to paint a steady stream of masterpieces.

11-29-17_9-27-31 PM11-29-17_9-27-23 PM

Ground level then first floor. The kids kind of grab whichever room (or bed) is free upstairs while John and Nancy are still downstairs next to the baby room and nursery.

I feel bad for using three of my ten shots on the household, but we’ve hit a weirdly timed lull with the older kids and they feel very stagnant at the moment.

11-30-17_9-32-43 PM

Naomi birthday to toddler.

11-30-17_9-59-51 PM

I of course change my mind AGAIN and throw caution to the wind. There isn’t enough birthdays happening (I can’t believe I actually MISS them) so we’re going to have to make a baby in the mean time.

Nancy drank some youth potion

11-30-17_10-17-48 PM

Harriet died!! I can’t believe baby #1 is out for the count!!

11-30-17_10-36-11 PM11-30-17_10-38-59 PM

Soon it was time for a new baby! Nancy went to the hospital as normal but then the doctor bailed on us – she literally put on her partywear and disappeared. So Nancy and I waited and waited and no doctor showed up to replace the party doc.

11-30-17_10-41-13 PM

So I had to send Nancy home and she had a home birth to – you guessed it – a baby girl! Elsa Boomer is the millionth daughter. I’m saddened but it was the only way to get that baby out of her.

The house is full again. But as you can tell by lack of documentation, nothing much else happened. I haven’t even got a project for Nancy to focus on because she just wants to throw parties (and I like the family to do it together)

12-01-17_9-51-21 PM.png

And we end with Preston Boomer celebrating his birthday to Young Adult! He’s an Active, Cheerful, Genius of a sim with the bonus traits of Happy Toddler, Physically Gifted, Independent, Creatively Gifted and Quick Learner. For his Renaissance Sim aspiration he hardly scratched the surface staying solidly on the first tier (he only got one logic point?!)


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