Baby Boom Challenge 10

Household Status:
John Boomer – Daddy, Young Adult
Nancy Boomer – Mammy, Young Adult
Simone Boomer – Girl #4, Teen
Bridget Boomer – Girl #5, Teen
Ophelia Boomer – Girl #6, Teen
Orton Boomer, – Boy #2, Child
Lainey Boomer – Girl #7 – Toddler

11-23-17_8-36-38 AM

I never get even the inkling of an opportunity for a family photograph but for once we can start the chapter with everyone in the household in one place!! Normally each Boomer is wrapped up in their own thing yet somehow still become good friends with one another. I’m not the social type and it is passed on to my sims – I don’t think any of the older children have crossed the threshold since leaving.

11-23-17_8-34-00 AM

But in this kind of challenge its more about the baby count so that is what we focus on. And yes, John and Nancy were expecting again.

11-23-17_8-45-09 AM11-23-17_8-48-31 AM

Simone had her birthday to Young Adult! Her traits are Geek, Childish and Art Lover with the bonus of Creative Visionary, Business Savvy and Physically Gifted. She reached the second tier of her Fabulously Wealthy aspiration thanks to the books she wrote. There weren’t many, school really bummed Simone out and a lot of days she just danced and slept.

She moved out of the family home and in with her older siblings. She will be up on the gallery later when Bridget and Ophelia move out. I’m trying my best to group the Boomer kids together for downloads sake.

11-23-17_10-22-17 AM

John accidentally aged up to an adult! I had the youth potion ready but I’ve been distracted trying to manage everyone! Nancy drank that potion instead so I wouldn’t forget – I try and make it worth it, waiting for them to be a day or two away so even though Nancy wasn’t I couldn’t risk it happening to her as well. We can be a bit careless with John (he can still have kids as an elder after all) but we need a fertile Nancy.

Nancy’s royalties have dropped to below $1000 now as well, however John brings in a nice bunch of money and the pair are constantly painting. And that’s without mentioning the cash on hand being close to or over the $100K mark.

11-23-17_10-31-12 AM11-23-17_10-35-35 AM

Lainey maxed Potty, Communication and Imagination and was SO SO SO close to maxing her Movement too. She has to be the most trained Boomer toddler now or up there with the elite children.

Not that it’s a competition. I’m planning on revisiting at the end to see how well all my sims did in terms of skills maxed and aspirations met.

11-23-17_10-43-28 AM11-23-17_10-44-30 AM

We go for a proper hospital birth again and welcome Preston Boomer to the family! I’m overjoyed it’s a boy, it’s like the curse pattern has been broken! We still have a long way to go. I also kind of hoped that we’d have twins too, like I was mentally preparing and thought my computer and I were on the same wavelength.

For fellow Sims 4 players who are also burdened by single babies this method may be time consuming (and will test your patience) but waiting for the baby to become a toddler before trying for another baby spaces the birthdays out so well. I always seem to have a teen close to leaving while I’m planning the next nooboo.

11-23-17_11-12-34 AM

With that said however, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. And because I’m now nervous at the idea that Nancy or John could DIE before I complete this challenge (they could age up again without me realising or suffer a fatal accident!!) I don’t wait around to fill that last space in the household. Though they begin to have trouble conceiving again. It was just as I was about to give up that they were hit with some good news.


2 thoughts on “Baby Boom Challenge 10

  1. Yes! The boys are finally coming for you! Lainey, despite being fussy, is probably got my favorite genetics, minus Orton (I really hope I spelled that right). I’m a sucker for black hair, even though I adore that all your family got the red-head fever! Lol! I just love them all I guess for different reasons!

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