Baby Boom Challenge 11

Household Status:
John Boomer – Daddy, Adult
Nancy Boomer – Mammy, Young Adult, pregnant
Bridget Boomer – Girl #5, Teen
Ophelia Boomer – Girl #6, Teen
Orton Boomer – Boy #2, Child
Lainey Boomer – Girl #7 – Child
Preston Boomer – Boy #3 – Baby

11-24-17_10-50-53 PM

We missed the baby to toddler announcement once again so the youngest Boomer, Preston, aged up without anyone realising. Luckily, he appears to be cuteness in sim form and independent so he barely needs my attention.

11-24-17_10-58-19 PM11-24-17_11-00-39 PM

It’s a good thing everyone likes cakes and birthdays because that – once again! – dominates content. This time it’s Orton’s birthday to teen. I’m having trouble remembering what his aspiration was as a child but he had completed one in the last part and was on his second (though didn’t get far with that)

11-24-17_11-10-48 PM

A lovely reminder shot that Nancy is currently pregnant. There is a smaller gap than normal but in fairness I had geared myself up to handle twins. Besides, the ACTUAL twins (Bridget and Ophelia) will be moving out of the household in a few sim days.

In the mean time, everyone dotes on cute little Preston and I freak out a little trying to micro manage everyone in the household. Not a lot of aspirations are getting completed as I continue my focus on the Postcard collection through Nancy and John. John has been stuck on this one aspiration task since Simone was a child (and she has now left the household as a YA)

11-24-17_11-20-18 PM

Then – baby time! This hospital birth brought baby number 11 (??? Holy smokes guys, we’re almost halfway?!? I mean, in theory…) and daughter number 8 – Regina Boomer! The house is brought to full capacity and John, Nancy and I are all thinking about a nice baby break.

Looking at the hospital births it appears to be an even split in giving us boys and girls, yet it doesn’t feel the need to balance out that big lead girls have on boys. Girls are currently winning 8 to 3. The positive is that I don’t think Nancy and John will be having those million kids, but in reality, they may still have well over 24.

11-25-17_8-35-43 AM

John quit his comedian career with 8 vacation days still to take. With a full house and no plans for new babies on the horizon it was the perfect opportunity for Nancy to get a head start in her culinary career.

11-25-17_8-40-52 AM

Besides he FINALLY completed a collection meaning he completed his Curator aspiration. Since he was level 8 in the painting skill he moved on to Painter Extraordinaire so will still be bringing in money.

11-25-17_8-47-00 AM11-25-17_8-48-26 AM

A birthday party to celebrate the twins growing up to YA. We invited all of the other Boomer babies that had moved out and I was so happy to see them all. Look at me, getting all sentimental. It was also so Nancy could make drinks at the party, which I forgot to do but at least we earned a silver medal for the party.

Bridget Boomer has the Good, Foodie and Goofball traits with the bonus of Always Welcome, Happy Toddler, Morning Sim, Creatively Gifted, Speed Cleaner and Essence of Flavor. Her aspiration is Master Chef though she only every completed one task so remained firmly on the first tier. She liked to spend time in the  home gym when she got the chance.

Ophelia Boomer has the Insane, Genius and Lazy traits with the bonus of Mentally Gifted, Happy Toddler, Morning Sim, Night Owl and Dastardly.  She wanted to be the Chief of Mischief but did nothing to count towards it. She did have a soft spot for the babies in the household and helped rear most, if not all, of her younger siblings.

They moved in with their older siblings (making, I think, seven sims in total in that household)

11-25-17_9-14-13 AM

Then Regina celebrated her birthday, joining the toddler ranks!


3 thoughts on “Baby Boom Challenge 11

  1. Awww! How adorable! I completely understand needing to take a breather too.
    How in the world have you gotten so many sims aged up and moved out? I feel like I’m stuck on my first babies getting them out the door! They’re still TEENS!
    I hope Nancy gets far in her career! She deserves a break! Maybe this break will also help the game sort out that you need more boys too! ;)

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