Baby Boom Challenge 13

Household Status:
John Boomer – Daddy, Adult
Nancy Boomer – Mammy, Young Adult
Orton Boomer – Boy #2, Teen
Lainey Boomer – Girl #7, Teen
Preston Boomer – Boy #3, Child
Regina Boomer – Girl #8,  Child
Otis Boomer – Boy #4, Baby
Percy Boomer – Boy #5, Baby

11-26-17_9-14-20 AM

John Boomer had completed his Painter Extraordinaire aspiration! I believe that is his third? I’ve honestly lost count. Not there’s not really a competition going on between Nancy and John but I am trying to get the most aspirations completed for them (there will be a list at the end WITH STATS!). John moves on to Fabulously Wealthy – like Nancy he jumps right up to the fourth tier but unlike Nancy he hasn’t got a steady income of novels so will have to actively work for that last $80K to complete his aspiration. (Nancy is the bacon bringer, this is concrete evidence right here, not that the family is desperate for money anymore)

Also, Fabulously Wealthy, once completed, has a perk that gives the sims a money bonus based on the household funds (you get something like 5-10% based on cash on hand?) so is a big bonus. Sidenote: at some point around this time John drank some Youth Potion

11-26-17_9-25-46 AM11-26-17_9-27-02 AM

Then it was Orton’s turn to become a Young Adult! His traits are Snob, Kleptomaniac and Ambitious with the bonuses of Physically Gifted, Happy Toddler, Shameless, Observant and Business Savvy. He reached the fourth and final tier of his Mansion Baron aspiration but the house didn’t meet his $350K dream goals or have any columns so remained incomplete. Like most Boomers he spent a lot of his free time dancing and had gotten pretty good at it.

He fills the last slot in the house his older siblings occupy – I can’t believe there are 8 in there now: Harriet, Thelma, Tahani, Phillip, Simone, Bridget, Ophelia and now Orton. At some point during this part I noticed Harriet get grey hair.

Orton hasn’t been uploaded to the gallery yet, but will be later (probably with Lainey) as I like to upload them in pairs or groups to make it easy.

11-26-17_9-41-30 AM

The new twins became toddlers: Otis (short hair) and Percy (long hair) with almost matching outfits! I didn’t match them up at this stage because they were too cute and I was too lazy but maybe they’ll match once they grow up to children.

11-26-17_10-24-49 AM

Nancy reaches Head Mixologist of the Culinary career – this is only level 6 but all she needed to further her Mixology aspiration – which she then completed. Another aspiration under Nancy’s belt! She moved on to the Party Animal aspiration.

Since Nancy has all she needed from this career I’m going to let her take some vacation days and then she’ll quit her job. I want John to go for another job. In the end I think Nancy took two vacation days because she really didn’t earn a lot from it ($315 a shift? Nancy literally earns three times this much from her novels STILL)

11-28-17_12-45-40 AM

Regina completed her Artistic Prodigy aspiration as a child – quite early into the lifespan actually – maxing her creativity in the process.

She’s also sick but I’m not very caring towards my sims and she just waits it out, like every other sim ever sick on this lot.

11-28-17_1-09-59 AM11-28-17_1-10-32 AM

Then began an intense birthday train of days where literally all of the kids were expecting a birthday. Preston to a teen was first on the cards. He completed his Rambunctious Scamp aspiration (maxing his motor skill) and moved on to Artistic Prodigy which he also completed (also maxing the creativity skill!) It helped that he completed his first aspiration quickly then basically did his artistic one alongside Regina.

11-28-17_1-28-02 AM

Then Otis (right) and Percy (left) became children. As toddlers Otis only maxed the Potty skill (but did reach 4 in communication and 3 in the other skills) and Percy maxed Communication and Potty (with Imagination on 4 and Movement on 3)

Not my best effort but I don’t think it’s my worst either?

11-28-17_1-34-07 AM

It’s here I realise that Nancy isn’t even pregnant with the next Boomer baby meaning this is the longest age gap between Boomer kids! I work on rectifying this immediately.

It works out that the baby is due well after the now oldest Boomer’s (Lainey) birthday to YA. I’m trying to keep the house at 7 maximum because on TS4 when you have 8 sims the icons in the bottom left go all weirdly small and I don’t like that. Also it means that if the game wants to give a multi-birth then there’s that opportunity as well. Though I must say, we’re plodding along quite nicely despite only having two sets of twins.

This will be Nancy and John’s 14th baby!


One thought on “Baby Boom Challenge 13

  1. You are definitely moving along nicely, probably the furthest out of any of us, with 8 kids at YA already!

    So impressed with all your aspiration fills, I might try to get my couple to complete multiple LTWs. Not as easy to change as in TS4, but I do like how it directs their wishes.

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