Baby Boom Challenge 09

Household Status:
John Boomer – Daddy, Young Adult
Nancy Boomer – Mammy, Young Adult, giving birth
Simone Boomer – Girl #4, Teen
Bridget Boomer – Girl #5, Child
Ophelia Boomer – Girl #6, Child
Orton Boomer – Boy #2, Toddler

11-20-17_9-35-58 PM

Nancy waddled to the hospital and brought back a girl! I thought I wouldn’t freak out at this point that it’s a girl. I genuinely believed in my heart of hearts this time it would be a boy but nope! Meet Girl number 7(!!) Lainey Boomer. We’re fine. Everything is splendid. No one is panicking about the Boomer couple who want 100 kids for a simple 24 baby challenge.

11-21-17_8-37-19 PM11-21-17_8-38-04 PM

Then came the non-stop birthday updates because that is all that happens in the household. Orton has his birthday to child. He did well across all of his skills, maxing Potty and Communication and reaching 3/4 in the others. I honestly thought he’d complete more. I’m not saying he’s my favourite or anything. But I have high hopes.

11-21-17_9-07-51 PM

Lainey became a toddler, a little later than the others since I missed the notification that said it was her birthday. So she grew up automatically (instead of manually at the earliest possible moment) – if she hadn’t been so ANNOYING that last day as a baby I would have thought she was a cutie but I’m a little bit grumpy at her fussiness.

11-21-17_9-25-32 PM11-21-17_9-32-08 PM

The twins birthday! As children Bridget (right) maxed her Creativity skill as well as completing her Artistic Prodigy aspiration and Ophelia (left) maxed her Mental skill as well as completing her Whiz Kid aspiration. Both the twins were largely ignored until about three days before their birthdays. As a result they had quite high skills in other areas at 6/7 (Mental, Motor and Social for Bridget and Motor and Social for Ophelia) so apparently these kids do better when I sometimes don’t intervene.

Matching outfits for the teen years too! Bridget has kept her glasses, Ophelia is in darker colours.

P.S. It was here I realised how drab the main part of the house is so gave it a quick redecorate. I still haven’t given this family a leisure/living room yet and they have over $100K sitting in the cash on hand.

11-23-17_7-36-08 AM

Nancy maxed her 4th aspiration?! There is absolutely no stopping her and the Bodybuilder aspiration has only made her stronger. I move her on to the Master Mixologist skill which requires her to join a career. I think after John reaches the top of his career and uses all of his vacation days he can be the stay at home parent.

11-23-17_8-18-15 AM

Orton completed his Rambunctious Scamp aspiration halfway through his child lifespan which is the best effort from a kid I’ve seen in a while.

I’ve been investing a lot of time in Orton (and Lainey) to try and get their skills high. The twin teenagers have been largely ignored (again)

11-23-17_8-25-23 AM

John reached level 10 of the Comedian career with 12 days of vacation to use (and with only three days a week of work. So he might not use ALL that vacation – 4 weeks?! Sorry John) so begins focusing on completing a collection for his aspiration. It’s the only thing he has to do to complete it. He and Nancy begin the postcard collection as I’m having not a  lot of luck with anything else.

11-23-17_8-30-13 AM

I’ll admit, I got a little wrapped up in aspirations and skilling and collecting. I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to try for the next baby, and it happens to be now. The oldest, Simone, is a day away from becoming a Young Adult. When she leaves there will be two spaces left in the household. Can’t have twins if there’s no space for them, right? I’m praying my game will be generous and work with me here.


3 thoughts on “Baby Boom Challenge 09

  1. Oh no! 7 girls?! Holy moly! You’ve got this though! I believe in you! Besides, your kids are all gorgeous! I’m sorry you had such a fussy toddler though… ugh those are the worst!

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