Baby Boom Challenge 12

Household Status:
John Boomer – Daddy, Adult
Nancy Boomer – Mammy, Young Adult
Orton Boomer – Boy #2, Teen
Lainey Boomer – Girl #7, Child
Preston Boomer – Boy #3, Toddler
Regina Boomer – Girl #8,  Toddler

11-25-17_9-15-33 AM

Now that John is working on his painting aspiration (having maxed the skill) the task of the family portrait wall is now shared between the couple. I love this aesthetic but you can see there is space for exactly 24 portraits in this layout – I made sure when planning – and it’ll be interesting to see how frustrated I get when we get close to the end, potentially going over that number. Though that is a long way off.

11-25-17_9-56-26 AM11-25-17_9-58-38 AM

The house is surprisingly calm for a household with two toddlers and Nancy working. The birthday parade begins with Preston to his childhood birthday. He maxed his Communication and Movement skills and got close to maxing his Potty and Imagination. Like really close. I almost want to give him the title of most skilled even though I don’t think he is.

Once Regina gets closer to her birthday (maybe even on her birthday) when we try for the next child, I think things will get shaken up with the work x pregnancy combo. I’m waiting because a) I am dreading that combo and b) Orton is close to his YA birthday and I’m hopeful for the multibirth / enjoy having a half empty house.

11-25-17_3-23-14 PM

The days go by and both Nancy and John have Try for Baby wishes so I cave and let them try again. Literally forget the last thing I said! That’s the problem when you write while you play I guess.

Currently, there’s only six sims in the house, with Orton moving out a couple of days after this new baby is born.

11-25-17_4-06-43 PM11-25-17_4-07-18 PM

Lainey had her birthday to a teenager. She didn’t complete her aspiration or max any skills but she did try her darnedest and that’s all we can really ask from her.

11-25-17_4-30-41 PM11-25-17_4-31-09 PM

Soon our youngest, Regina (who I keep wanting to call Tahani for some reason? became a child and for the first time ever I forgot to write down what skills she maxed. If memory serves it was average – probably one or two at best.

11-25-17_4-37-51 PM11-25-17_4-40-49 PM

Eventually, Nancy went into labour and my game is FINALLY ON MY SIDE! Twin boys! Otis and Percy Boomer join the family and pull the score up for the boys! The Boomers sit on the score of 8 Girls and 5 Boys. Already I can feel my skin clear and my anxieties melt away.

Though part of me feels like this is a lot of boys and fast and what if my game has decided to go the other way now. Cry-laughing emoji face.


4 thoughts on “Baby Boom Challenge 12

  1. Twin boys! That’s great! Ooh you’re making such good progress! Lol, see you say this now that you’re prepared for more than 24 portraits you’ll get EXACTLY 24!
    (fingers crossed for you)

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