Baby Boom Challenge 01

Household Status:
John Boomer – Daddy, Young Adult
Nancy Boomer – Mammy, Young Adult

11-13-17_10-19-06 PM

John and Nancy Boomer wanted kids – and lots of them. John dreamed of having 12 sons while Nancy dreamed of having 12 daughters. So while they were still young and crazy in love them moved out to Willow Creek with what little money they had, bought a lot and decided to start a life together. 

Welcome to my Baby Boom Challenge! The basic goal of this challenge is to have one couple, Nancy and John there, have 12 sons and 12 daughters – 24 overall if we get the lucky split, and if not it could be more until we reach that number of boys and girls born. More details of the challenge can be found here

Sidenote: the only rule I’m not abiding is that all babies born have to have a name beginning with the letter B. Instead I’ll be doing a different naming scheme (H T T P S B O O L P R O P N E T I N D E X P H P) suggested over on Boolprop which I’ll repeat if I go over 24.

Nancy and John Boomer were found on the gallery (searching 1940 and by gabbsbach) but I changed Nancy’s clothes and hair and I changed John’s face and skin tone.

11-13-17_10-31-28 PM

They found a huge lot (50×50) for sale and settled down. John immediately got a job in the Entertainer career and encouraged Nancy to stay at home so she could be there for their future kids.

11-13-17_10-38-59 PM

But that wasn’t good enough for Nancy. She wanted to contribute so started roaming the neighbourhood in her free time for gems and collectables. Her dream was to write books, but to do that she’d need a computer and John hadn’t received his first paycheck yet. She was itching to write.

11-13-17_10-44-05 PM

John and Nancy tried for kids immediately. Even with a small house, one low paying income and no real means of supporting a child they tried from the start to get pregnant. They were unsuccessful for a long time. In one hand, it was almost a blessing in disguise as it gave them more time to prepare, but on the other hand all they wanted was kids.

11-13-17_10-54-13 PM

Nancy soldiered on. It was her foraging and collecting that raised the funds for her computer. Sure, it was high tech and certainly not reliable – but it was a start. She started working on her books, and when he could get time on it, John worked on his jokes and comedy too.

11-13-17_10-57-23 PM

And that wasn’t the only good news – Nancy found out she was pregnant!

11-13-17_11-19-47 PM

Whilst pregnant, John helped with the scavenging since Nancy was finding it harder to get out the house, even if it felt more cramped ever day.

Her mood was plummeting. She kept wetting herself. The computer broke and once John went to fix it it disappeared completely which stilted her writing career.

11-13-17_11-26-33 PM11-13-17_11-27-12 PM
Suddenly the time for nesting was over and the baby was on the way. John panicked. Nancy worried, but they brought a baby girl into the world.

11-13-17_11-28-43 PM

Their first daughter: Harriet Boomer. The house still didn’t really have the space, but they knew they could manage. Still, they made a mental note to wait a small period of time before bringing another baby into the world.

I think my plan is to end each part on the birth of a new child but we’ll see how that goes once the house is a little bit fuller. I do enjoy small updates.

Thanks for reading! A little end note that I am still playing my Munch Family, or plan too, but this Baby Boom Challenge is something easy that I can slip in and out of without having to think too hard about points and tracking lots of variables.


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