The Munch Legacy 6.2

10-01-17_6-52-12 PM

We currently have a full Munch household. Elders Vanessa and Rohan (Gen 5) their daughter Bernadette and her husband Advik (Gen 6) and the very young Raymond, Sylvia and twins Cameron and Nicholas (Gen 7). We are trying to have 10 kids for Generation 7 – which sadly means that the first four are incredibly likely to just be spares as we move them out of the house as soon as possible to make room for more children.

10-01-17_7-20-27 PM

Of course with lots of young toddlers comes lots of birthdays. The first was Raymond here. I haven’t got a picture of everyone’s because that’s just not how we roll here.

I did keep count of the birthday medals for this part though: Gold x3, Silver x3

10-01-17_7-47-50 PM

Rohan almost died. We plea for his life and won! I know I should be making more space for more babies but also at this point there were three toddlers to care for and Rohan is the main caregiver as the other adults focus on their jobs and skills.

It’s funny because after Rohan survived death a few sims in the household (Bernadette and Raymond) still got the sad moodlet for witnessing a death. I’m telling you guys, it is so close to glitching up something terrible. I think it’s when it’s a full house.

Rohan did manage to max Dancing while on toddler watch.

10-02-17_8-56-57 PM

Rohan died for real the next time I entered the game, his second chance in life did not get him far. This time he died right in front of all the young children too. He knows how to make an exit, that’s for sure.

10-03-17_4-03-19 PM

The house was extremely sad for a little while. But soon our four little Munchlings were children. I was a bit sad too  because as children they all look incredibly similar and I expected so much more variation considering the colourful Munch  family tree and Advik’s interesting face.

Kid achievements!

  • Raymond maxed Motor skill and completed the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration
  • Sylvia maxed Imagination skill and Potty as a toddler then she maxed the Creativity skill and completed her Artistic Prodigy aspiration
  • Cameron also maxed the Creativity skill and completed his Artistic Prodigy aspiration
  • Nicholas maxed Mental skill and completed the Whiz Kid aspiration

10-03-17_7-31-49 PM

I’m not proud of this. We’ll get to the photo soon but lets just talk about Vanessa for a sec.

Vanessa maxed Charisma and maxed her Social Media career! That’s two careers she was manage to top when I normally struggle to do one. I think the new careers from City Living are easier to accomplish with the work from home option though.

She then maxed Fitness much quicker than I expected. Knowing my luck I 100% expected her to die from old age before completing all these amazing things. Then after completing these things she had nothing left to do. And I wanted room in the house for more babies.

Vanessa drowns. I killed her. I’m so sorry. But we need this for the death collection point and she honestly had nothing else to do. I was scared to leave her on her own in case I missed her death.

10-03-17_7-49-49 PM10-03-17_9-13-01 PM

With Vanessa and Rohan out of the house, Bernadette and Advik became parents once more! Another pair of twin boys: Quinnell and Ywain were born to generation 7. Of course, the older kids were also growing up – that’s Raymond as a teenager. I swooned. It would appear these guys keep their genetics hidden until puberty, Raymond went from such a bland same-ish-to-his-siblings face to almost the double of Advik.

As toddlers Ywain (the one playing with Raymond) maxed Imagination and Pott while Quinnell maxed Movement and Potty.

10-05-17_12-10-44 PM

Even with new babies and careers, the parents of this generation still got stuff done!

Bernadette and Advik dates: Gold x1, Silver x1

They both drank a Potion of Youth too, but at different times. Advik is older by about a sim week and Bernadette had hers very close to the end of this play session meaning we have all her YA and Adult lifespan to move out the kids and make 4 more – easy!

10-06-17_12-19-26 AM

Bernadette maxed Gardening skill and completed her Gardening aspiration! She moved on to Mansion Baron. Her completing the Gardening skill marks the Munch family as maxing every skill at least  once! Unless I get any new EPS – in that situation I’ve decided I might still count this point anyway but no doubt I’ll rush around trying to max any new skills.

That point also marks The Munch Family reaching 70 points! My A grade equivalent! It just means it’s going to be harder from here on in to get those last 30 points. An A* is only 75% as well, so?

We’re six kids in and Bernadette has so much of her lifespan left that I think we might actually be successful in our 10 baby quest. Presuming I haven’t just jinxed it, HA.

Thanks everyone for the continued support – this is so far from what I originally wanted (narrative/observation blend) but I find this short and to the point writing  style less daunting making updates easy! I never play too far ahead so I never have loads to catch up on.


2 thoughts on “The Munch Legacy 6.2

  1. I actually like your legacy style! Mine is narrative-heavy but there’s no way I could do that AND play for points.

    Awesome update!

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