The Munch Legacy 6.1

So I have royally messed up the order of things in my Munch Legacy in terms of parts and the natural stopping points. Let’s do a quick recap:

09-29-17_5-57-32 PM09-28-17_9-23-33 AM

Blue skined Vanessa and Rohan there are our heir and spouse of Generation 5. They’re still so young despite having 3 YA kids. Pregnant Bernadette there is their middle child and was crowned Generation 6’s heir. Bernadette’s boyfriend Advik Anand moved in and is the daddy to the soon to be born first child of Generation 7!

That’s a lot of information to process for the start of a new generation. Normally, I use the .1 to tell the love story of the heir and spouse, waiting until .2 to bring about the babies. However, we’re trying for 10 kids here and speed is key.

09-29-17_6-18-56 PM09-29-17_6-28-36 PM

However, the Generation 6 pair are yet to be married and their story is sweet even though I’m not documenting it. Teen lovers who moved in and wanted nothing more than a simple wedding.  I held out for this part to bring you the glorious wedding. Heavily pregnant and at one point I thought the game had glitched again, but they became Bernadette and Advik Munch!

They had a pre-wedding date: Gold x1 and the wedding itself scored a Silver medal.

09-29-17_6-42-50 PM

Very soon after, baby boy Raymond Munch was born! The first of ten (if we keep saying it, it will happen) and of Generation Seven!

09-29-17_6-49-56 PM

We celebrated Rohan’s birthday with a party! I actually remembered him this time and the party earned a silver medal.

Rohan maxed the Rocket Science skill too and is slowly climbing his politician career (he’s level 9 in it, his only goal before death is to max that career)

09-29-17_7-25-56 PM09-29-17_9-33-32 PM

Raymond grew up to a toddler and soon we welcomed the next Munch child – despite having fertility it was just the one baby girl: Sylvia Munch.

Whilst pregnant, Bernadette maxed the Dancing skill.

And as you can see Raymond became a cute toddler. He maxed Imagination and the Potty skill.

09-30-17_2-16-22 PM

Vanessa painted Bernadette and Advik’s portraits. You’ll note there are no graves – I moved Sebastian and Yadira’s (Generation 4) to the family inventory because I don’t think my game can handle ghosts. It’s like one bad thought away from majorly glitching again.

She painted them when she was on level 9 of the skill, soon after she maxed Painting skill as well as the Photography skill!

09-30-17_2-56-33 PM

Vanessa then joined the ranks of the elders. Her birthday scored a Silver medal. (This was actually the photograph where she maxed the photography skill)

09-30-17_3-09-04 PM

Rohan, that beautiful, beautiful man, maxed his political career, getting promoted to Charity Icon!

09-30-17_3-12-58 PM

Bernadette was soon pregnant again and gave birth to Cameron and Nicholas Munch! Finally, twins! That makes a full house and a natural pause for Bernadette and the making of babies as well as this part.

This gives Bernadette a chance to focus on her career as well as raise Raymond, Sylvia, Cameron and Nicholas. We can continue with our goal of ten children once Rohan and Vanessa have passed – not that I’m looking forward to that, but Rohan does only have a few days left.

This has been an absolute full on part, I apologise! Next time, I predict the house will get a little emptier of Generation Five and we’ll see Generation Seven grow up with maybe a few babies to be added to the ranks.


One thought on “The Munch Legacy 6.1

  1. As a university employee, I have a moral duty to tell you to do your work.

    However, as a fan of your legacy, I say “Yay!” Here’s hoping you get the 10 kids!

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