The Munch Legacy 5.3

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A lot happened last time, but to quickly recap we are left in the house with Generation Five’s Vanessa and Rohan Munch who just had three children: Desmond, Bernadette and baby Theodore who make up Generation Six! Also in the house is Fable, Sebastian’s alien abduction child and Vanessa’s brother.

This is that chapter where we age up the kids meaning a lot of time has passed in the game and a lot of things happened. It’s easier for me to list what each individual sim achieved rather than the order everyone achieved everything in.

Narrative is, as you guessed it, out the window.

09-18-17_10-54-26 AM09-18-17_10-44-46 AM

To start off with, our lovely little cursed lot had a big fire and a lot of broken objects. I didn’t capture the fire (just the scared and snivelling Rohan outside with his babies) but it consumed A LOT of their tiny kitchen.

09-24-17_9-34-45 AM

Fable, our beloved purple alien sim, reached the top of his teen Babysitter career becoming a Daycare Assistant!

Fable maxed Fitness and completed his Bodybuilder aspiration and moved out on his young adult birthday. He still visits often as he has a very high relationship with Rohan and the kids especially (considering he did most of the care giving)

09-24-17_10-47-42 AM

So from left to right: Desmond, Bernadette and Theodore! I was shocked to see some blonde hair, but then again, looking back over the family tree we’ve had a lot of blonde heirs (pun intended?)

Bernadette mastered Movement skill and Potty as a toddler while Theodore maxed Imagination.

As children, Desmond maxed Creativity and completed his Artistic Prodigy aspiration and Bernadette maxed the Social skill – she was so close to completing her aspiration too but couldn’t make any children friends as there are literally none in the neighbourhood!

Theodore reached Mental level 10 and completed his Whiz Kid aspiration. Then he maxed the Social skill and again, almost completed the social aspiration – he just didn’t make enough friends in time.

09-24-17_2-45-29 PM

Rohan maxed the Logic and completed his Nerd Brain aspiration. After this he switched to Successful Lineage and has been quietly rising up the ranks in his political career.

Rohan had a birthday to Adult (we completely missed his party! The others have had a lot of parties, but we’ll get to those medals soon) and he maxed the DJ mixing skill!

09-27-17_8-54-43 PM

I once again flirted with the idea of having Vanessa and Roahn go on a string of mega dates but I’ve had them so focused on their careers and collecting (postcards and posters are so close to completion) that we only managed one.

Dates: Gold x1

However, the birthday parties were a little bit better for bringing in the points:

Birthdays: Gold x1,  Silver x5, Bronze x1

09-27-17_8-20-01 PM

Now let’s focus in on the LEGEND that is Vanessa. First, she went and maxed the Cooking skill.

Then Vanessa completed her Bestselling Author aspiration and moved on to Fabulously Wealthy (where she ended up in the last tier, just $30,000 or so from completing that aspiration as well)

Vanessa also maxed Gourmet Cooking and reached level 10 of the Food Critic career! Securing herself a job as the Curator of the Finest Flavours just before her adult birthday! That’s the quickest any sim has topped a career and I am so proud of her. She quit her job as a Food Critic and took up a new position in the Social Media career.

09-27-17_10-14-02 PM

With all three potential heirs as teens it is time to end this mammoth part. Theodore, Bernadette and  Desmond (in reverse age order) all have so much potential and are loads of fun to play at the minute. We shall announce who will be the Generation Six heir next time!

Whoever is the heir, I plan to make another attempt at 10 kids for Generation Seven so we need someone who can handle that challenge.


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