The Munch Legacy 5.2

09-14-17_3-08-58 PM

Another chapter of The Munch Legacy! SimNaWriMo is actually inspiring me to play and get more chapters out! Previously Vanessa Munch, our Generation 5 heir married Rohan (after glitching real bad, or maybe it was cold feet?)

Above, the happy couple Vanessa and Rohan went on a date (Gold x1) and my plan this part was to make them go on at least 20 dates to boost my medal points but I got distracted with their aspirations and jobs.

Vanessa and Rohan drank a YA potion as they were nearing their Adult birthdays.

09-13-17_4-01-46 PM09-13-17_4-09-31 PM

Her father, Sebastian Munch was impregnated by aliens in the last part, and shortly after his wife Yadira died welcomed Fable Munch into the world. Fable is now a toddler and a potential threat to Vanessa’s legacy.

09-13-17_8-19-05 PM

Sebastian was promoted to the top of the Smuggler Astronaut career! He may be one of the youngest sims to top his career, the majority of my sims do it in their final days as an elder.

09-13-17_8-49-14 PM

Fable mastered Movement, Potty and Imagination skills as  a toddler before celebrating his birthday to childhood.

As a child Fable completed the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration and maxed the Motor skill. He then went on the max Creativity and complete the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

Despite being super talented with a knack for getting us legacy points, I’ve decided I want Vanessa to be heir. Yes I got have prolonged the battle and made a whole thing  of it but Vanessa is happily married and ready to go in terms of kids PLUS she is really fun to play.

09-14-17_2-53-14 PM09-14-17_8-22-11 PM

Sebastian celebrated his birthday to Elderhood and soon after maxed the Comedy skill. He doesn’t retire from the top of his career, instead he uses up all of his vacation days to keep bringing in good money.

09-14-17_8-51-11 PM09-17-17_11-03-56 AM

With Vanessa’s heirship certified it wasn’t long until we were expecting Generation Six! She had a son, Desmond Munch. (Named after my cat to mark the momentous achievement of reaching Gen 6)

09-17-17_12-00-14 PM09-17-17_12-11-34 PM

Life ran smoothly. Birthdays were had (how cute is Des! I am excited for red hair babies, this generation is going to be cute as heck) and Vanessa soon had a second child, a daughter Bernadette Munch.

During her pregnancies Vanessa worked on and maxed the Writing skill.

09-17-17_12-23-58 PM09-17-17_12-29-00 PM

Sebastian died on the night of Fable’s birthday. I had him working on some skills but to be fair Sebastian brought a lot to this legacy and was a truly successful heir. He didn’t get enough friends for his Friend of the World aspiration but I think he was at a disadvantage leaching all of his friends behind in the previous save.

Despite the death, the birthday party was successful.

All Birthday medals this part: Silver x3

09-17-17_1-14-20 PM

The only birth Sebastian missed was his third and final grandchild: Theodore Munch. This generation will keep it small to focus on skills, careers and more legacy things. There is a very short age gap between the kids (that just seems to be my style) so expect a lot of birthdays next part.

Note: Desmond reached Imagination Level 5.

09-17-17_12-41-46 PM

As soon as Sebastian reached Level 8 of Painting he made portraits for Vanessa and Rohan (he died level 9 of the skill) and you’ll see that we have 9 Young Again potions making 80 in total!

Not a lot of narrative, I know. They’re kind of a perfect family at the minute which means no drama – not even aliens can ruin this household.


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