The Munch Legacy 4.4

09-09-17_3-29-39 PM

The new house had monsters. The new house had no space. The new house was cursed. 

Picking up from where we left off, the Munch family has moved into a new home! It’s way too small for them and yes, there were monsters under the bed and it is very much cursed. But curses are better than glitches.

09-09-17_3-53-50 PM09-10-17_9-33-27 AM

When the kids tried to learn, things went wrong. When the kids tried to go about their daily business, they were interrupted. The title of heir was no longer desirable because attached to it was this house and all of their problems too. 

I’m not going to lie, this was such a weird chapter to play as I was tying to get back into playing and it felt like the difficulty had been knocked up (such a big family, such a small house) so do bear with me on this part. It will probably be a lot more summary than events.

09-10-17_10-14-59 AM

But time marched forward. First they celebrated birthdays to teens, then before everyone knew it, it was time for those teens to become adults. 

There were a lot of parties, thanks to Yadira’s Party Animal aspiration. She hosted the following:

Dinner Party: Silver x2
Birthday party: Gold x2, Silver x4

09-13-17_8-32-56 AM

Although the house was cramped and she probably should have moved out as soon as possible, like she wanted to, Ramona spent the first chunk of her young adult life at their home, skilling and waiting for her younger brother’s birthday.

Ramona’s aspiration is City Native (which I don’t think you can actually complete in a legacy?) but I’d had her working on the singing skill since she was a teen. She did reach Singing level 10, maxing the skill while she waited.

09-13-17_8-33-24 AM

Kendrick became a Young Adult and felt relief. He knew the heirship would never pass to him. He’d accomplished a lot as a child, but the mounting pressure to continue his brilliance was too much. Kendrick didn’t want to work at life, this legacy was just that – work! Kendrick wanted out. 

Kendrick maxed Mental skill and completed the Whiz Kid aspiration as a child. Then he became a Food Service Cashier, topping his teen Fast Food career. He also maxed the Dancing skill

09-12-17_2-31-29 PM

Together, Ramona and Kendrick moved out. 

We were finally able to breathe a little. However, since I’ve been stretched between getting all the teens to accomplish stuff, not all of them were able to do everything I had wanted.

09-12-17_3-21-47 PM

Yadira aged to an elder but we forgot her birthday. I felt super bad. She has been getting things done though; she maxed Fitness, Cooking and Dancing.

09-12-17_3-14-42 PM

Following in her fathers ways (or at least before he was married) Vanessa spent her teen years scoring kisses and dates. 

Vanessa goes on date with Elsa Bjergsen and asks her to be her girlfriend. Vanessa has the serial romantic aspiration. Their date resulted in a gold medal and then the next day they had a silver medal date.

Before her teen years though, Vanessa maxed Creativity skill and completed Artistic Prodigy. She also maxed the Dance skill

09-13-17_9-24-02 AM

Classic middle child, Penelope was completely overlooked for a lot of her life. With such a short age difference between her and the twins she had spent her life almost invisible. She knew she’d never be the Munch heir, but she was fine with this. 

Penelope maxed Creativity skill and completed Artistic Prodigy as a child. Then she focused her teen years on topping her teen career in Retail and was promoted to Customer Support.

Penelope maxed Dance too (they didn’t have a lot of things for Fun at the start, a stereo was all they could afford)

09-13-17_8-48-54 AM

At long last it was time for the twins birthday! Vanessa and Loretta grew to Young Adults marking the end of Generation 4.

09-13-17_9-06-15 AM

Penelope and Loretta moved in with Ramona and Kendrick.

Loretta maxed Dance. She did spend a lot of time focused on Painting and for a long time I thought she might be the heir but I enjoyed playing Vanessa more.

09-13-17_9-10-56 AM

The house didn’t feel empty, it felt cosy. Yadira and Sebastian were left with Vanessa, their other children had moved out to make it on their own. Vanessa was heir and it was up to her to put this legacy back on track. 

Now is as good a time as any to mention Sebastian: Sebastian took a Young Again potion
Sebastian maxed Cooking skill.

I’m also putting a hell of a lot of pressure on Vanessa here. I hope she can handle it.

09-13-17_8-59-42 AM

This is the start of the Young Again potions. We left 71 in the other house so are only in need of another 9 so once these shelves are filled we will be done with YA potions. We have 2 so far making 73.

This is also where portraits will go (for now anyway, we may need more space) and I haven’t bothered redoing Yadira or Sebastian’s as we had those in the previous house and I don’t think it’s fair if my game crashes due to no fault of mine that I should suffer.

(Like I said, weird part as this was where I took that 5 monthish break but The Munch Legacy is back in my life now)


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