The Munch Legacy 4.2

Last time Sebastian and Yadira got married! Although Violet is desperate to have 4 grandchildren for her aspiration, we’re holding off on kids to focus on careers and letting Sebastian’s youngest siblings grow up some more – Clementine is a teenager and Oberon is still only just a child.

04-18-17_1-53-54 PM

But maybe the aliens had different plans?

Voices haunted Sebastian “Another part alien part human subject. This one also originates from file name: Karter”

“Karter? Who deserted?”

“The very same” A pause, “I think we need to get a handle on this. We need more information”

With these alien abductions, the game is begging me for that alien sub plot. So yeah, maybe I will because I won’t ever say no to more alien genes in this family tree. It won’t happen immediately, so just remember this.

On a lighter note, Seb and Yadira had some dates: Gold x4, Silver x1

04-18-17_6-54-18 PM

Clementine was promoted to Latte Artiste, the top of the teen barista career

Sebastian completed his second love aspiration. Switched to Leader of the Pack. Soon enough, Sebastian completed Leader of the Pack, and he switched to Friend of the world.
Trying to get back in to the swing of Yadira’s Party Animal aspiration, a couple of parties were thrown: Silver house party x2

04-18-17_7-03-29 PM04-18-17_7-37-05 PM

Yadira hadn’t realised the responsibilities attached to the legacy. Sebastian wanted three kids, and at the rate they were going there was barely an age gap between them at all. 

This is the first daughter of Generation Five: Ramona. Very soon after, Yadira was pregnant again and Kendrick was born followed by a third pregnancy and baby Penelope.

04-18-17_7-54-56 PM

As the house filled, tempers flared and Oberon’s was worst of all. He’d been overlooked ever since he was born and now there was a new generation taking it away from him again. He blamed one person for all of this. 

“I’m Yadira and I think I’m so great”

“Grow up, Oberon!”

04-18-17_7-58-10 PM04-18-17_7-59-20 PM

Oberon was one to start fights, but Grim finished them. Oberon’s Hot-Headed trait bubbled in his blood and one day, Yadira declared him her worst enemy. It pushed him over the edge. 

Oberon died of Cardiac Explosion / Enraged. I’ve never had this happen before. And, as Yadira is evil and Oberon’s enemy – she cheered his death. Another first for me. At least it clears the house of Generation 4 a little quicker.

04-19-17_4-16-21 PM

It was finally Clementine’s time to leave home. She’d had a crazy childhood in this house, however every happy memory was tinged with sadness now. Not only was this a house that held so many heartwarming memories but it was also the place where her father died, and her younger brother. Two people she should have spent more time with.

Clementine moved out. Part of me would have adored to have her as heir. I have no idea where she got those dazzling green eyes from.

Violet is still around too by the way. Now an elder but she reached Cooking Level 10 and finally topped the Comedian branch of the Entertainer career.

04-20-17_11-44-24 AM04-20-17_11-47-46 AM

Yadira was beginning to forget what it was like to NOT be pregnant. In such a short space of time she’d mothered five children with Sebastian and even though she’d never seen herself as a mother, she was enjoying this new role. 

Twin girls Vanessa and Loretta were born! So I only really wanted Seb and Yadira to have four kids and would have given anything for that last birth to be twins but there you go. Five kids for Generation Five sounds pretty good to me.

Ramona maxed Imagination
Kendrick maxed Thinking

04-20-17_5-09-14 PM

Violet lay peacefully on the floor. No bargaining was needed, she had accomplished everything she had wanted in life and more. Her final day was perfect because she got to see the birth of her fourth and fifth grandchild. 

Violet died, but for once I wasn’t even mad. She completed the Big Happy Family aspiration on the birth of the twins, and switched to Successful Lineage which she didn’t have time to complete. AND she maxed Charisma.

That’s all I was nervous about. That she’d die before maxing the Charisma skill or before the final grandchild was born. Violet has literally been the most perfect spouse.


04-07-17_7-26-52 PM04-20-17_11-44-24 AM

Over the past few generations a lot of my sims have gotten bigger because of all the meals cooked (especially Rudyard’s handiwork) so I’m counting this for the point about have a sim get fat from family’s cooking. Loads of them have, but here’s evidence of Violet after a couple of weeks in game and a few pregnancies (first picture) compared to her on her deathbed and birth of her final grandkids (second picture).

04-20-17_5-10-13 PM04-20-17_5-10-31 PM

We’ll finish this part here, but for the record we have 68 Youth Potions in the basement and the house and on hand cash comes to the value of approximately: $475,000! Next time you see these Youth Potions it’ll be because I’ve completed the collection of 80 – mark my words.

That’s all for this part, thanks a bunch loyal readers and I apologise for the delay in this part. Life, as per, got hectic and I got distracted by my BACC.


One thought on “The Munch Legacy 4.2

  1. Awesome work, as usual! And don’t worry, I know how hard it can be to get back into legacies. I’ve only just managed to get some decent play time to work on the Miskins (new chapter up, btw!), and hopefully, Munchkins will follow shortly.

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