The Munch Legacy 3.3

It feels like I’m getting more and more parts for each generation. Generation 3 has a good excuse though, I’m going to reveal to you now that I want Rudyard and Violet to have ten kids.

04-07-17_7-26-52 PM

There was a hole in the house since Eleanor’s death and anyone would think Rudyard and Violet were trying to fill it with children. 

So last part you got a glimpse of Marcel and Gideon. Above the happy parents are pictured with twin sons Henry and Sebastian.

I’m worried the writing might feel a bit spacey what with me not documenting all of the birthdays etc but I’ll try and keep you up to date on everything. Hey, it’s my only job after all. I’ll be listing all the kids and achievements at the end.

04-09-17_1-20-49 PM04-09-17_2-10-40 PM

Soon the boys grew up and Violet and Rudyard decided it was time to have more children. Good (or bad?) fortune granted them another set of twin boys.

Wallace and Zachary, another pair of twin boys were born. SIX BOYS?! Typical when I’ve got a few girl names I really want to use lined up. So at this point the house is now full.

04-09-17_1-16-26 PM

So thinking about the parents and other things I want to take note of this part:

Birthday party: Silver x3, Bronze x1
Violet maxed Comedy skill and completed her Joke Star aspiration. She will now focus on Angling Ace.
Rudyard completed Master Chef aspiration (meaning we’ve completed both Food aspirations in one generation thanks to his brother Xavier completing the other before he moved out. ) switched to Nerd Brain
Rudyard & Violet drank some Young Again potion

04-13-17_12-16-23 PM

On the left is oldest of the generation Marcel and on the right is the second son Gideon.

As a child Marcel went for the Whiz Kid aspiration which he completed (meaning he reached level 10 of the Motor skill)
He’s been a teen for a long time now and will be moving out very early on in the next update. As a teen he completed the Mansion Baron aspiration. He moved on to Bodybuilder aspiration and has two days to max the fitness skill.

Gideon maxed Imagination skill as a toddler, then as a child maxed the Motor skill and completed the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.
New to teen-dom, he’s currently working on the Chief of Mischief aspiration.

04-13-17_12-17-23 PM

Twins Henry and Sebastian, Henry on the left, Seb on the right.

Henry reached level 10 of the Creativity skill and completed the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

Sebastian has reached level 10 of the Social skill and is close to completing his aspiration. He has a couple of days till his birthday and everyone is hoping he does this.

04-13-17_12-19-18 PM

The final pair of twins are Wallace and Zachary. Still too identical to tell apart as they only just aged up from toddlers.

Wallace reached level 5 Imagination as a toddler.

And that is where we leave this part. Next time we will hopefully see four more children, my fear is that Rudyard is very close to his elder birthday and may not make it to 10 kids.


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