The Munch Legacy 3.1

We are back with The Munch family with Generation 3. These guys occupy so much of my brain it’s unreal. Last time Rudyard was named heir, a tough decision if ever there was one, and now must find himself a partner to continue the Munch name.

03-30-17_6-36-08 PM

For this generation I don’t have anything planned in terms of narrative but I do have a lot planned in terms of points.

Rudyard maxed the Cooking skill. He’s still climbing the culinary career.

03-31-17_8-43-36 PM

Karter has been a brilliant sim to have around the household. He’s upgraded fridge and oven completely! AND, as they were the most expensive, this works out nicely points-wise. Karter has also maxed Video Gaming

But all good things must come to an end…

04-02-17_3-05-37 PM04-02-17_3-06-10 PM

“Please Grim, you have to save him.”

“Have you not learnt your lesson, Eleanor? Do you not remember this same song and dance we did for your father, Wolfgang?”

“But Karter is so close to completing his aspiration. He’s three measley frogs away from a complete collection”

“Interesting that you went to his wants instead of your love for him. Fool child, get off your knees and let me do my job.”

Karter died and it was the first time Grim ever said no to me.

Nonetheless, Eleanor moved on and managed to complete her Party Animal aspiration with the following shin-digs:
Silver house party x2
Silver dinner party x2
Gold dinner party x1
Her aspiration has been changed to the Curator – she’s going to finish what Karter started.

04-02-17_3-58-42 PM04-02-17_4-00-56 PM

Violet Pickens was Angela Munch’s childhood friend, but it wasn’t until she became a young adult that Rudyard noticed the way the room would brighten when she entered. On their first date he proposed. She declined of course, this wasn’t some game- this was her life. People don’t just meet, have one date and get married. 

A silver date was shared between Rudyard and Violet. Don’t worry about Grim. Some guy died during the date.

04-02-17_4-04-31 PM

Not long since Karter’s death, the household completed his Frog collection. I figured we might as well complete it for points and Eleanor will need it for her new aspiration.

04-02-17_4-09-19 PM

Though Violet had said no to marriage she had agreed to other things – like moving in and taking their relationship to new levels. They hadn’t been as safe as they thought. 

Violet is pregnant with the first baby for Generation 4! For the record she is Clumsy, Cheerful and Perfectionist and wants to be a Joke Star. We’ll leave this part here and bring you nooboos next time!


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