The Munch Legacy 2.4

The Munch family welcomes you back with open arms! This is another short chapter where we decide who will be the Generation 3 heir. This is an oddly hard choice because I honestly don’t know who will be best for the legacy.

03-29-17_12-22-21 PM

With children that weren’t children anymore, Karter and Eleanor had a lot of time to focus on themselves and their careers. Their relationship stayed strong through their marriage and although it wasn’t an intimate one, it was a happy one. 

First I’ll just share everything that Eleanor and Karter did during this uncertain time:

– Eleanor reached Level 10 in Violin
– Karter completed Renaissance Sim aspiration, moved on to The Curator
– Karter maxed Logic skill
– Karter maxed Handiness skill

Eleanor of course continued throwing her parties:

House Party: Silver x1
Dinner Party: Silver x2 Gold x4
Birthday Party: Silver for Rudyard, Gold for Eleanor’s

The gold medal for Eleanor’s birthday means she now has a gold medal for every type of party and a date as well!

03-29-17_12-54-41 PM

Xavier, oldest child and keen to accomplish things. Focusing so much on his mixology skill, career and aspiration that it consumes him. No doubt he’d bring in points to the legacy and make a name for himself – but would he leave a legacy that wasn’t found in the bottom of a glass?

Xavier reached level 10 of the Mixology skill and also completed Master Mixologist aspiration!

03-29-17_4-24-56 PM

Rudyard, middle child and clinically insane. Of course, that would make things interesting but would he be able to focus like his brother and, more so, would he be able to look after children?

Rudyard is still working hard at skills okay? He hasn’t yet accomplished much.

03-29-17_4-24-03 PM

Angela, youngest child and only girl. Struggling to make friends despite her aspiration relying heavily on it. She’s a shadow in the household, always being outshone by her brothers.  

Angela maxed her Charisma skill but man is she having a hard time making friends. Normally, that doesn’t bother me but when your aspiration is Friend to the World you have to at least try.

03-30-17_6-28-33 PM

There was a lot of to-and-fro-ing, a lot of wonderment about whether Rudyard and Xavier could be co-heirs. After Xavier completed his aspiration he didn’t want to focus on anything else and Angela was stuck in a rut. They both moved in with their uncle Leonard and by process of elimination Rudyard became the Munch heir!

Rudyard is heir! They are pretty much halfway through their Young Adulthood because for a long time I thought I might have Rudyard and Xavier be heirs and then their offspring could compete and be the final decider on the lineage. However, once Xavier completed his aspiration and I revisited the points and rules I figured Rudyard would be a great sole heir.

Next time we’ll see him continue the legacy!


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