The Munch Legacy 2.3

Last time we said farewell to the first generation of Munches (that we cared about, definitely not counting Wolfgang’s mum, Mila) but said hello to the third generation. This part will be heavily focused on the points side of the legacy with a lot of success from my hardworking sims!

03-17-17_9-20-10 PM

The Whiz Kid, The Social Butterfly and The Rambunctious Scamp. All so different with bright futures ahead of them but only one would be chosen to carry on the legacy. 

Xavier on the left is the Whiz Kid, Angela went for Social Butterfly – I think the only child aspiration I am yet to complete – and Rudyard is the Rambunctious Scamp. At some point around here Eleanor and Karter drank some YA potions. Karter was very close to becoming an elder and is considerably older than Eleanor.

This part felt disjointed at first because there is so much going on so instead I’m just going to list everything that happened and what was achieved. Not a lot of narrative, but some fun legacy play for me. Aspiration-wise:

– Karter completed Computer Whiz aspiration, and has now moved on to Renaissance Sim. This meant that Karter quit his Tech Guru job (for the aspiration) and joined Business and then later the Astronaut (since he needed to have three careers at level three)
– Eleanor completed her Bestselling Author aspiration – meaning she completed two creative aspirations! She’s switched on to Party Animal.
– Xavier completed Whiz Kid aspiration
– Rudyard completed Rambunctious Scamp aspiration

03-18-17_7-41-04 PM

List of skills completed this part, including the toddler skills before the kids aged up:

– Rudyard maxed Communication skill
– Karter reached level 10 of programming
– Eleanor reached Writing level 10
– Angela maxed Movement and Potty skill
– Xavier maxed Mental skill
– Angela reached level 10 Social
– Eleanor Level 10 Piano

03-22-17_6-44-45 PM

I’ve decided Eleanor will try and get a gold medal in every kind of social event. So far she’s had a gold date with Karter and their wedding also resulted in a gold medal. So here’s a bunch of social events she hosted and the medals she was awarded:

Birthday parties: Silver x2 Gold x1
House parties: Silver x2 Gold x1
Dinner parties: Silver x1 Gold x1

I don’t think you can get a medal in a dance party? So she’s aiming for gold in House, Wedding, Birthday, Dinner, Date. The birthday one above wasn’t hers so I don’t think that counts. We’ve got to make her adult birthday ace and then that will be the final criteria for her to complete for that point!

03-29-17_10-29-19 AM

At a dinner party, a one Rudyard threw for his aspiration, we managed to get six people around the table to eat. This honestly never happens.

03-29-17_10-43-43 AM

All of the children had big dreams. Xavier wanted to be a Master Chef, Rudyard aimed to be a Master Mixologist and Angela a Friend of the World. But only one could be heir… right?

I am so split up about who I want to be heir and what I want to focus on next generation. The teens are getting closer to being Young Adults and I guess only time will tell.

This part was basically all filler to which I apologise. They are all so focused on skilling and their aspirations or reaching the top of careers that there isn’t much space for a lot of anything else.


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