The Munch Legacy 1.3


Welcome back to the Munches. I am a little bit obsessed with them right now and attempting to play it where I don’t photograph every little thing to make it as streamline as possible. Funnily enough, writing is the part I like the least.

Above are the first two portraits for the family crypt – in the basement of the house. Wolfgang was painted by Ivy and Ivy was painted by Jacob as both maxed the painting skill in the last part.


Jacob’s birthday into Young Adulthood was an elder fest. It’s like his dad had invited every old person in town to see the occasion. A reminder  of how old Jacob was getting. 

“Don’t be so melodramatic” Leonard teased. The brothers had formed a friendship on jest and play.

On the normal lifespan not a lot happened in terms of narrative but here’s some fun legacy things that happened:
– Bronze medal for Jacob’s birthday party
– x2 bronze medals for some house parties Wolfgang hosted
– x2 silver medals for some Dinner parties
– Eleanor reached Level 10 of Creativity and maxed Artistic Prodigy Aspiration
– Silver birthday medal for Eleanor teen birthday
– Jacob reached Level 10 Painting
– Wolfgang maxed Writing skill

And with Wolfgang and Ivy both nearing elderhood and not being top of their careers yet they took some Youth Potion toward the end of their adult lifespan. This is the ONE life expanding thing I’m using for both of them.

03-06-17_3-26-56 PM

Wolfgang wasn’t proud when he locked all the doors and trapped a bunch of old people in his house. It was a waiting game. Which would die first and would Wolfgang be around to see it? It was morbid, but a necessity if he truly wanted to be Public Enemy.


And then there was the matter of who would carry on the Munch name? Three children, three potential heirs. But how do you choose just one?

Jacob is Outgoing, a Perfectionist and Hates Children with an almost complete aspiration to be Painter Extraordinaire. Leonard is Active and Loves the Outdoors and has also almost completed his aspiration of Bodybuilder. Then youngest, Eleanor, is Creative and an Art Lover with the aspiration to be a Musical Genius.

03-07-17_5-15-07 PM

Would it be Jacob? Unlikely. Wolfgang had missed a lot of his childhood and as a result he was behind both Leonard and Eleanor, although he was a skilled painter. The problem was, it felt like Jacob was a spare part. A stranger living in the household. 

This is Jacob completing the Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration. Although I was nervous about him first moving into the household, he’s settled in quite nicely. Since I had no influence on his toddler years and childhood, he didn’t earn any extra perks and if we want all the points it would be better suited to either Leonard or Eleanor.

03-07-17_5-29-31 PM

Leonard was a strong heir. Physically, he’d buffed up as a teen and was so focused on his body that Wolfgang wasn’t sure if he wanted to settle down with a family. 

Leonard maxed the fitness skill and completed his aspiration of Bodybuilder early on into his Young Adulthood which I am super proud of. My beloved nickname for him is beefcake because he got so muscular so fast I was like whaaaat.

03-07-17_6-04-21 PM

Which left Eleanor. Unlike her brothers she hadn’t completed her aspirations or maxed any skills but she was still only a teen, and she was caring and harboured so much potential. 

I decided Eleanor will be heir because she needs more time to work on her musical aspiration AND I’ll hopefully get her to complete the final creative aspiration too. I also like her genetics best, she has a sweet face.

03-07-17_9-12-52 PM

Eleanor aged into a young adult gracefully and in a strong position to take this legacy to new highs. Now all she had to do, was find a mate. 

Eleanor had a little birthday party which scored us a bronze medal. This is where we are going to finish Generation 1! I’m so excited to see who Eleanor ends up with, what career she takes and there is also the matter of rekindling Wolfgang and Ivy’s romance which has taken a back seat.

03-07-17_9-08-05 PM

At the end of Generation 1 the house is currently worth $105,730 (it’s only 30×20, I mentioned I wasn’t doing an extreme start right?) and all currently located on this one floor. The basement is where I’m keeping the graves and other consumables like:

03-07-17_9-07-50 PM

… These! The shelved hold every aspiration reward consumable and the shelves are the start of our Youth Potion collection for the deviance points.

Speaking of points here’s some things that happened this part which I didn’t photograph but did happen:
– Wolfgang completed Public Enemy Aspiration then switched to focus on Chief of Mischief
– Wolfgang maxed the mischief skill
– Wolfgang maxed the cooking skill

And that’s all from The Munch family for now!


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