The Munch Legacy 1.2

Welcome back to my Munch Legacy! A Sims 4 Legacy where I’m playing for points and hoping to actually complete it. The signature style of this legacy is a mix of narrative and observation with a lack of photographs (meaning shorter parts!)


Time passed peacefully and soon Wolfgang and Ivy were expecting their first baby. Despite Mila’s threats Wolfgang was excited. This felt right. 

Yes, first things first was to continue this legacy. I should mention here (because I’m not sure if I have mentioned this yet) that Wolfgang is in the Criminal career and Ivy has a career as a Painter.


Looking at his son, Wolfgang couldn’t believe his eyes. He’d never felt love like this before and he wanted, to his surprise, more children. 

Baby boy Leonard Munch was welcomed to the family!


“One is such a lovely number” Mila cooed, “Anymore and you’d have your hands full”

Mila did visit constantly keeping tabs on the family. She dotted on her grandson Leonard but feared that if Wolfgang had anymore Lucas would be forgotten as a spare.

My clever little toddler Leonard maxed Communication and Imagination skills!


The fact that Mila would be nervous at another child was a bonus. Soon the family grew bigger in more ways than one. Although with a son and daughter, Wolfgang felt like his family was perfect so he and Ivy decided not to have any more children. 

A decision that was their own – NOT Mila’s.


A surprise visit from his old sweetheart Morgan Fyres would change Wolfgang’s life forever. 

“This is your son” Morgan Fyres announced, “Jacob Munch”

I planned this from the start that an old accident would mess everything up. Originally it was going to be a case of Lucas being unable to have kids or dying and then Mila putting pressure on Wolfgang to have another child. Then this teen would show up (and Jacob is his, from woohoo on his very first night as a Young Adult before I moved him out) and Mila would get her way in terms of getting a legacy.

Jacob moved in to the family home making three kids for this generation.


“Did Mum send you to do her dirty work?” Wolfgang sneered.

Lucas blinked. “Mum’s dead”

Mila died suddenly and I didn’t get any notifications. But this is the part where we are free from Mila’s control. Wolfgang is actually happier than he could ever imagine and Ivy persuades him to not view this as a legacy but just striving to get the best for his future lineage. Lucas also doesn’t care for the legacy and felt smothered by Mila.

It is confirmed that Wolfgang Munch is making a legacy happen YEAH.


Tension between the siblings was rising. Jacob didn’t work on his skills and homework like his younger siblings. They strive for greatness but Jacob felt like an outsider. 

Jacob is way behind Leonard and Eleanor in terms of skills and bonus traits etc. But he begins to enjoy painting in Ivy’s studio.

In terms of scoring: Eleanor maxed the Imagination and Movement skills as a toddler, Leonard maxed the Motor skill as a child completing his childhood aspiration of Rambunctious Scamp, and Ivy finally maxed the Painting skill.


She also painted all of the emotional paintings and hung them proudly in her studio.


Then I decided to go to town on planning social events to make some headway with the medal points. It’s also because Wolfgang is currently stuck in his aspiration and needs to Witness the Death of a Sim and the easiest way is to have a flock of old people gathered in the homestead at all times and hope one of them will die.

Any advice killing sims without controlling them is much appreciated. The parties thrown and medals:
– House party hosted, silver medal awarded
– Birthday part for Leonard, silver medal awarded
– Dinner party hosted, gold medal awarded

The legacy is still young and there is a lot of work cut out for the entire family. Tune in next time where an heir will be decided.


2 thoughts on “The Munch Legacy 1.2

  1. Old person death party… huh. Sounds like a lively night.

    Really enjoying this so far! Clever move with Jacob!

  2. I love it, Fiona! So worth the wait! I think you have the right idea with old people…too bad you don’t have the simray from the science career…I froze an old guy in one of my games and he died.

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