The Munch Legacy 1.1

Hello gang. I decided to start another legacy on The Sims 4 after finding an interesting scoring system and being super inspired by the Miskin Legacy. I was even going to attempt a narrative and plot but got too focused into the tasks that are required to earn points. I want to score this the whole way though. So without further hesitation, let’s meet our founder:


Wolfgang Munch woke up in his new place sad. He’d taken off the night before after a fight with his brothers, Gunther and Lucas. It was all this legacy talk, about how they needed to carry on the family name. Make Munch a noble house in the world. Wolfgang didn’t really care for it, but seeing that his dorky older brother was likely to fail in getting married – he’d been stood up more times than he’d been on dates – the title was to pass on to Wolfgang. He’d jumped ship then and there. Left in the night unable to take the pressure of a legacy.

Wolfgang’s traits: Gloomy, Mean and Kleptomaniac. Aspiration: Public Enemy. Wolfgang is the middle child of the Munch family – I’ve never played them before now and was going to do this whole middle child syndrome narrative. I’ll leave snippets of my ideas throughout.

No extreme start. Wolfgang moved into a small house because I suck at building.


“That was irresponsible of you” Mila started, Wolfgang prepared himself for the lecture, Mila had always wanted to be the start of a prosperous legacy “But you did the right thing.”

“What?” Wolfgang was flummoxed, “I thought starting a legacy was what you wanted from us?”

“It is” Mila soothed, “But we both know that Gunther will never get married or father children, he’s too focused on his books than he is this legacy, and with you leaving the family like that you’ve pretty much rebuked the title. Lucas is my sweet little boy and will be best for the task of carrying on the Munch name. It would be a lie to say I haven’t want him to be heir since he was born.”

This is Wolfgang’s mother Mila. For technicalities of the legacy, Generation 1 is going to be classed as Wolfgang despite his mama.


Wolfgang is a sim I wouldn’t normally make for myself. He is MEAN and he joined the criminal career so has to be mischievous for his job performance. We are going to make a lot of enemies here.


Wolfgang may have been a mean sim but he wasn’t heartless.

Wolfgang went on a date with Ivy Huffman and they had a gold medal date!


“Mum’s went Legacy crazy.” Gunther grumbled “Kicked me out of the house trying to make it perfect for Lucas.”

“She told me not to have kids” Wolfgang confided, “Or if I did to limit it to two because of all these rules

For as long as the boys could remember, Mila had been working hard on starting a legacy. Why she didn’t start it herself was something that had puzzled Wolfgang but it was easier to avoid asking questions when it came to the Munch lineage. Or, now that Mila was getting her way,  the Lucas Munch’s lineage.


It wasn’t long until Wolfgang popped the question to Ivy! I had wanted to give them a wedding to try and get more social event medals but they simply couldn’t afford it. Ivy did move in and they began working and saving like crazy.

Ivy’s traits: Foodie, Hot-Headed and Bro. Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy


Ivy sighed as she paid her bills. Weddings were such a farse and so expensive. They would never be able to afford it. 

After a lot of hard work the pair managed to pool enough money together for a wedding. Just then the postman came delivering a bill that took more than half of their wedding funds away.


Romantic and intimate – that’s how Wolfgang would describe their wedding when in reality it was just two sims in their cramped kitchen eloping. 

Ivy Huffman became Ivy Munch and the founding generation was solidified. Next, it was time to make some babies.

In the narrative Mila has warned Wolfgang only to have two children because in her rules each legacy generation needs at least three children therefore if Wolfgang has only two he can be disqualified as heir. Mila doesn’t have faith that her oldest child Gunther will have any kids at all so Wolfgang is the big threat to Lucas’ legacy.


3 thoughts on “The Munch Legacy 1.1

  1. I… I INSPIRED someone? O_O


    Also, this is why I gave up on scoring after a while. I’m not a skilled gamer, so I decided to play on my strengths and focus on storytelling. But given how you’re excelling at the 100 Baby Challenge, I know you can pull both aspects off.

    Awesome start!

  2. New reader here!
    Good luck with your points! I’m not a Sims 4 player, but I like Wolfgang’s genetics!
    I also loved the conversation between Wolfgang and Gunther… heh. I can’t wait to read more!

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